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When you type “Turkey” on Internet you arrive quickly to websites that emphasize the beauty of the country and all the holiday possibilities. With its slogan Turkey welcomes you, the Turkish tourism office do a great job. But Turkey is also an industrial country that has nothing to be jealous of other countries. We went to Gebze/Kocaeli, at about 80 km from Istanbul International Airport to meet a Tornos customer, Cengiz Makina.

Ms Cigdem Calvez, Plant Manager and Mr Murat Isık, Maintenance Manager.

Impressive growth
Cengiz Makina is a global supplier for turned parts with a focus on automotive industry. Founded in 1981 the company manufactures parts for diesel systems, brake systems, thermo-heating systems and white goods sector. F.Cengiz Basokutan started the company in a 90 sqm area in Istanbul. In 1995 it moved to Gebze into a 3’000 sqm factory. In these years, the company passed the ISO9002, QS9000 and ISO: TS 16949 Quality Management Systems certification. In January 2006 Cengiz moved into a brand new 12’000 sqm facility and passed further certifications, i.e. ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications.

What makes the difference today
Cengiz Makina invests on high-tech machines offering precision and machine capabilities with the right price and payment terms.  Flexibility to change set up is also important for future alternative parts with minimum additional investment.
The competition is getting harder and harder and the rules of the game is tough to be the winner. Cengiz Makina invests on the same technology as other European suppliers. According to the company, what gives them advantages is manpower. Cengiz Makina has a young and dynamic team with flexible working time.
Most of the customers prefer to receive finished parts in terms of surface treatments (i.e. heat treatment, coating, brazing, etc.) and assembly. Cengiz Makina’s know-how in this global aspect is very important. It is a complete package of machines, people and processes that creates the success.

« Every customer searches for competitive price, good quality and delivery time so there has to be something which makes you being preferred. We believe in this case Turkey is the right place to be.
We offer a perfect balance between production cost and quality. So called low cost countries rarely produce precision and quality at the level requested nowadays. The geographic position of the company related to its customers is also important in terms of transport costs »

Cengis Makina
TOSB, Taysad Organize Sanayi
Bölgesi 3. Cadde
41490 Şekerpınar / Gebze / KOCAELİ
Tel. 0262 658 12 20 Pbx
Fax  0262 658 12 28
[email protected]
If you go on holidays to Turkey and enjoy the marvelous landscapes and historical discovering, don’t forget that you’re actually in another high precision country.

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