GEOID diamond-wear compensation

Grinding wheel profiles cannot be exactly dressed without the use of a geometrically-perfect dressing tool. Even new diamonds are not always perfect.

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At the Schleifring Grinding Symposium 2009, Blohm Jung presented for the first time ever under the expression GEOID a new development for compensation of contour faults in dressing tools. GEOID was developed in concert with the Georg Simon Ohm University in Nuremberg. The software for compensation of uneven wear in dressing tools is a further development of the automatic diamond adjustment by Blohm Jung.
Topography of the cutting edge of the dressing tool can be determined with μ-accuracy using GEOID. The correction values calculated are fed directly into the dressing program and create a perfect contour on the grinding wheel.

Increased service life for the dressing tool, reduced costs of tools and the contour accuracy is improved.
Blohm Jung explained how the GEOID correction software determines the actual contour of the diamond via a measuring probe and then corrects the dressing program accordingly. Thus GEOID compensates for the wear in individual diamonds and diamond wheels, in-creases the usability of the dressing tools by a multiple and reduces the costs of tools considerably.

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