Machining of PEEK parts

PolyEtherEtherKetone, known by the acronym PEEK, is a thermostable semi-crystalline polymer having properties that enable it to replace metal. It is used in lumbar surgery for the production of “disc/cage implants” (spacers) designed to replace damaged or unstable spinal discs.
Different spacer sizes enable the surgeon to adapt the operation to the patient’s anatomy. Since PEEK is a radiolucent material (invisible to X-rays), two tantalum markers are inserted in the implant to allow precise, fast locating by radiography.

New Tornos Application
A special clamp allows part gripping in counter-operation on DECO machines. Clamping can be performed on a rounded or straight machined shape. For machining PEEK intended for implantology, coolant fluid is not tolerated, and therefore machining is performed dry. Chips and machining heat are removed by means of guided cold air flows.
The lathe should therefore be adapted and prepared to machine only this material. All greases and other lubricant oils must be compatible with PEEK material.

The counter-spindle clamp performs non-enveloping lateral clamping allowing various operations to be performed as counter-operations with rotating tools (drilling, milling, deburring or engraving, for example) on either side of the workpiece.
Air cooling is compatible with the material’s constraints regarding contamination by coolant fluids. The cold air prevents the material from overheating, thereby ensuring that its microstructure and chemical composition do not vary, while removing the chips.

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