New VPGT insert

The VPGT insert issued by the ISO range and the different tool holders offered by Bimu deliver superlative machining characteristics as well as a diverse range of possible applications, one example being the ability to machine as a back (tailstock) operation. This entire package comes with a very attractive price tag.

Description of the insert
The specially designed cutting angles (11° stock removal) and the special swarf breaking feature on both working edges make the VPGT Bimu insert an ideal tool for bar-turning work. As a standard, the user can obtain various different versions of this VPGT insert:

  • without radius (for finishing operations)
  • with a radius of 0.08 mm (to extend tool life)
  • with a radius of 0.2 mm (eminently suited to roughing operations)

A multi-purpose insert
Part of the ISO range, the VPGT insert is ideally suited to all sliding head machines and can be mounted on tool holders with sections ranging from 7×7 to 20×20 mm. Since the insert is able to remove stock in such a versatile manner, it can be used in 3 directions, meaning that 2 distinct applications are then possible:

  • Front turning.
  • A plunging turn during a back-turning operation.

This new insert is already available on the market. Should you need further information, do not hesitate to ask Bimu.

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