Perfect holes 8 times smaller than a hair!

When microtechnolgy goes to micro bores, the results are stunning. I’ve been carrying  on my trip to visit companies that have “magic” in the hands to write articles for next issue. This week I had the opportunity to discover MBS (Micro Bore Sizing) with Microcut in Lengnau (Switzerland).

Customer and Technology-driven company
Microcut Ltd. Is specialized in providing standard and customized machines for processing small bores down to 0.015 mm. The bore size, geometries and surface quality can be optimized to meet specific requirements.

The machines seems quite simple but incredibly efficient. You can have some automated machines with multiple heads to do several operations on the same part. These parts can be cylindrical or non cylindrical. They are positioned on a rotating table that is designed to fit the geometry of the workpieces.

Another definition for accuracy
Hey accuracy means a lot and nothing. If we’re discussing with people doing roads, a few centimeters is accurate. In high precision turning we speak about a few microns, what about MBS?


  • Dimensional is the less precise of this list with a range of 1 Micron
  • Roundness can be smaller than 0,1 Micron
  • Cylindrical precision smaller than 0,4 Micron
  • Surface roughness Rz 0,1 Micron

Why being so precise?
For instance a nozzle for injection.. is it important that the hole is perfectly circular? In fact that’s not the right question, the shape could be any strange form, but it is of a high importance that any nozzle has the exact same shape… and that’s what MBS allows.

Need some information on that technology? Do not hesitate to go there:

Will enter into more details in the next issue of Eurotec.

Microcut Ltd
Rolliweg 21/P.O.Box 448
CH-2543 Lengnau BE

Phone: +41 (0)32 654 15 15
Fax: +41 (0)32 654 15 16
E-Mail: [email protected]