Improved quality in laser cutting

Designer and manufacturer of high-end laser machining system for super precision cutting, drilling and welding of micro parts, Swiss Tec helps companies in implementing innovative machining solutions. A new solution is being implemented to drastically reduce the stent cutting process time. Meeting with Eduard Fassbind, CEO of the company.

Innovative production
« Our commitment is to help companies implementing innovative machining solutions to expand micro-machining capabilities, and develop new business areas, with new standards of quality, performance and productivity » says Eduard Fassbind. Swiss Tec works closely with its customers to ensure expectations are met and future technological developments are included. Collaborating with the prestigious Swiss federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), the company offers state-of-the-art machines to its customers.

In-depth analysis
A machine was installed in the university of Manchester (UK) to further develop and optimize the laser cutting of a wide range of materials. Working with the university enabled the cutting tests to be immediately analyzed with a number of in-house systems like high definition microscopes or scanning electron imaging for example.
The results exceeded the most optimistic expectations of Swiss Tec.

Further improvement
The university of Manchester, Swiss Tec and GSI (laser manufacturer) are working hand to hand to develop the process further and reach the optimal cutting and welding conditions for a wide range of materials and profiles. However, even at this stage, the products provided by Swiss Tec are showing exceptional results and although ultrasonic cleaning and polishing will probably still be carried out during manufacture, it is unlikely to need the same time with the Swiss Tec process.

I will come back with more information in Eurotec’s next issue.

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