When plastic meets metal, a third universe appears

Yesterday I had the opportunity to went to André Gueissaz SA, a company that is offering a wide range of services from engineering to molding, plastic injection and mounting of devices. I saw clearly there that there is no closed border between metal and plastic. In fact that’s rather the contrary, the two worlds are collapsing into each other.

Plastic is no longer just a cheap product

I’ve seen there some parts that are used in medical technology, food, measure and not in throwaway stuff. That’s products that are highly precise, sterilization-compatible, rigid, soft-touch, light… and many other characteristics depending on the plastic used. “The limit of what we can do depends on our imagination, the possibilities are huge” says Serge Wylder, Sales Director.

A new way to think
For people that develops products, plastic allows new shapes, new functions and new way to see things, but this need also new thinking. Even if André Gueissaz SA doesn’t want to be seen as “teaching” something to the market, it’s true that one of his tasks is to explain what is possible nowadays… and there are a lot of possibilities.

Merged R&D to use synergies
André Guissaz SA comes from plastic injection and is now part of the Ruetschi Group that is specialized in metalworking. Last year, they decided to merge the R&D departments. The unique combination of skills from both worlds creates a third universe full of potential.

I’m sure that you will discover a brand new world with André Gueissaz SA  in the next issue of Eurotec.

Meanwhile if you need special plastic or plastic-metal product, do not hesitate to visit them here (their website is in French and German).

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