Controls in the workshops

In the field of control, we saw a certain tendency to centralization in the 1990s and the development of quality assurance. If this evolution has certainly led to more quality, it has also shown the limits of the completely centralized controlling dept. i.e. bottleneck effects, loss of time and responsibility. Today, it is common to see a centralized control associated with controls in the workshops. Marcel Aubert AG is specialised in providing such solutions. Meeting in Bienne (Switzerland) with M Aubert, CEO and M Terzini, head of sales.

Everyone is responsible
In production, it is more and more frequent to empowering each contributor. Every employee is responsible for quality and deadlines. This responsibility affects obviously the final quality of the product but also the way to ensure controls. In the workshop, no need to use complex and automated control systems. Small optical control devices allow users to check their productions in terms of tolerances, geometric precision and quality of surface… without having to wait for availability of the centralized control department.

Adapted devices
To create these “field control tools”, Marcel Aubert SA works on the basis of modular systems that are finely combined to create tailor-made solutions for customers. On the same support it is possible to adapt a microscope, a projector or a camera that sends its signal either on a screen or on a PC. There is no standard strictly speaking, each customer “outsources its problem” to the company, which, after analysis, offers the solution or alternative solutions.

What does the customer want?
It is in answering this basic question that Marcel Aubert SA meets the success. It is a fundamental inquiry and how to respond to it makes the difference. Mr. Terzini says: “the two basic parameters are the high quality of the image and the simplicity of implementation. Moreover, everything must go fast. It is sometimes a real challenge for us to find the way to satisfy our clients». It is following that way to work that the company has developed the system with two cameras for both lateral and vertical vision. This allowing its clients to measure very long parts on a standard table. This same system was then implemented in the control of Xenon bulbs to measure the curve shaped by earth attraction. Measurement had to be made from a lateral plan.
Today, it is possible to optically control many types of parts and Marcel Aubert SA has a great expertise in this area. Don’t hesitate to contact them at the address below.

Marcel Aubert SA
Rue Gurnigel 48 (Nidau)
CH-2501 Bienne
Phone +41 (0)32 365 51 31
Fax +41 (0)32 365 76 20
[email protected]

In the EMO Issue of Eurotec you’ll be able to discover more about how to control easily and with efficiency.

By the way, Eurotec will be there on Hall 14, booth N16a