A perfect alchemy…

To understand how to transform precious metal into high precision parts dedicated to implant dentistry  and other fields of activities, we met M Pascal Rickli, CEO of Rickly Micromécanique SA, a company located in Vauffelin, a few kilometers from Bienne (Switzerland). Everything in this ultra modern company is designed to reach outstanding results.

Why precious metals?
In implant dentistry several techniques divide the market, single-implant that sees every tooth with its own implant or shared implants. In this case they are used as support for bridges to replace several teeth. Single-implant technology is considered as more natural, every tooth is independent. (For instance it is ideal for the comfort of dental floss). With this concept, one can gets up to 30 implants.
If the majority of components installed on dental implants are in titanium nowadays, Rickly Micromécanique SA is specialized in machining abutments and screws in precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium allows).

High machining constraints
To success in machining precious metals and medical plastics with high quality surface finish, low roughness level, high precision and outstanding visual aspect, Rickly has developed a unique know-how in machining with natural diamonds tools.
Rickli part

To discover these “secrets”, do not miss next issue of Eurotec that is planned to be released at the end of August.

Meanwhile, should you need some information, do not hesitate to contact Rickli.

Rickli Micromécanique SA
Rte de Romont 187
CH-2537 Vauffelin
Tél. ++41 32 358 00 80
Fax ++41 32 358 00 89
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