Hermle AG: In-house show and news

Over 2’000 visitors from Germany and throughout Europe, including groups from Japan, Korea, Russia, Israel, China and Thailand, attended the traditional in-house exhibition of Hermle AG in Gosheim earlier this spring.

First presentation
The flexible RS 4 production system RS 4 combines an industrial robot, a pallet magazine and one or even two 5-axis machining centres in a single production system. The 1000-kg transport weight of the robot is very high and offers the pre-conditions for fully automatic loading and unloading of high performance machining centres with large heavy parts such as are often found in tool and mould making, machine manufacturing and other industries. The robot can be fitted with an active or passive gripper system.

The storage place for pallet is designed for pallet dimensions up to L x W x H 1000 x 800 x 800 mm. A sensor-monitored set-up station allows for loading and unloading of the system in parallel to production time and no additional protective enclosure is required. The set-up station can optionally be enabled for rotation and can also be loaded and unloaded with a crane. The ergonomically designed enclosure with spacious access doors fits seamlessly onto the machining centre(s). The master computer is responsible for control, organization and monitoring of the entire production system.

The RS 4 completes Hermle’s programme of robot systems extending from the RS1 through RS 2 and RS Kombi, RS 3 to the new RS 4. All machine models of series C 20, C 30, C 40 and now also C 50 can be completely automated with robot systems.

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