Very useful tool holders

In high precision turning, depending on the machine’s equipment, tool positions may be lacking for performing end operations. This can be the case for both spindle and counter-spindle machining.

Wide product range
In its product range, the Swiss manufacturer Applitec proposes tool holders that provide an answer to this problem. François Champion, Sales Manager, tells us: ” These tool holders are very simple and meet a very specific demand. But they go even further, providing other benefits “. Let’s see this in detail.

Monobloc tool holder for Tornos Deco 7/10
Used mainly on simple machines (e.g. 5 axes without a combined unit or counter-spindle), this tool can be used for end machining. Another possible case: depending on the parts to be produced on a well equipped lathe, tool positions will be lacking for this type of operation; these tool holders increase the potential for this type of machining. Moreover, they are available in a double version. It is therefore possible to mount two tools on a single position, for example a centring device and a small drill.

Technical specifications
Fitting : directly on the front and rear platens
Cross section: 35 mm/approx. 22 mm
Tool clearance: 10 mm
Tool diameter: 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm
Type of tool holder: Applitec Nos. 2435 and 2435 T (double)

Monobloc tool holder for Tornos Deco 13
The principle of operation is the same as for the Deco 7/10, but the tool holders allow more substantial machining operations. Another difference is that the tool holder is available in two work heights for drilling or reaming. If necessary, the work height can be further increased by an additional base plate.
Image applitec
Technical specifications
Fitting :    directly on the front and rear platens
Cross section:     52 mm/approx. 30 mm with a tool clearance of 12 mm
Tool clearances:    12 mm, 18 mm
Additional base plate:    12 mm (can be combined with both tool holders)
Tool clearances:    24 mm, 30 mm
Tool diameter:    3, 4, 5 and 6 (8 for the single tool holder)
Type of tool holder:    Applitec Nos. 2436 and 2436 T (double)
Type of base plate:    Applitec No. 2436-S12

Benefits of monobloc tool holders
The far larger cross section than standard tool holders of cross section 8/8 provides great rigidity, hence a big improvement in machining quality. Moreover, by comparison with the hook system which remains an alternative for guide-bush end machining, the monobloc system assures you of a very user-friendly solution.

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