Understanding robots

The Museum of Design Zurich is mounting an exhibition in its Galerie entitled “Robots – from Motion to Emotion?” from 24 June to 4 October 2009. Visitors can expect to see numerous exhibits, ranging from historical automata to modern robots and future designs. There is also a side exhibition focusing on the technology of how robots work, i.e. drive technology. Part of the exhibition therefore includes several of maxon’s precision motors.

Reality and fiction

A press release from the [Museum of Design Zurich] reads as follows: “On the one hand, the exhibition looks at the relationship between reality and fiction today and on the other, is particularly concerned with the emotional effect of robots, which is generated in characteristics of form and functional capabilities. On show is everything that is to be understood under the term robots, what they look like, where they are used and what they should be able to accomplish in the future. […] Around 200 exhibits are on show, ranging from historical automata to robots in the household, in industry, in medicine and in the military to toy robots.”


From motion to emotion

maxon motor is delighted to be part of the “Robots – From Motion to Emotion?” exhibition. The drive specialist based in Central Switzerland produces high-precision micromotors, in diameters ranging from 6 – 90 mm, that help keep countless robots moving. NASA’s Mars Rovers prove that maxon drives perform their tasks reliably, even under the toughest conditions. Robots depend on precision motors, and these need to be extremely reliable, particularly for medical, space or service robots. The exhibition also features the humanoid robot ASIMO, the arm therapy robot ARMin and the Dynamic Arm prosthetic device which all include maxon motors. They not only perfect the functional process, but also promote the emotional advance towards service robots thanks to their smooth flow of movement.

maxon motor’s latest publication on the subject of robotics and drive technology is also available right at the start of the exhibition.

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One thought on “Understanding robots”

  1. I went to see the exhibition the other day. It is quite small nevertheless very interesting. We can see some well known robots or parts of these like Asimo (the most impressive to me) and some form movies (D2-R2 in small, part of Terminator and much more). There are a lot to discover there. Obviously for people coming from the industrial world, robots are everywhere in factories. But that’s anthropomorphism that is not so common. When robots look like human beings, there is something that can be felt as an attack to our supremacy.
    What supremacy, robots are already everywhere.

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