Funky Brotherhood and Freda Goodlett at Industry Party

Every year in September, we can plan a nice moment in Bienne at the Industry Party. Again this year the manifestation will take place at Les Champs de Boujean next to Polydec, a high precision turning company that also makes turn the whole industry of the area.


Place to the music
Friday Septembre 04 and Saturday September 05 at 21:30
Funky Brotherhood & Freda Goodlett

Just a few weeks before the release of their new album, do not miss the opportunity to see them live… and take a moment to meet people from the industrial fabric of the area.

Party starts at 19:00 and is followed by the concert. Entrance is free of charge.

Need more information?

About the event? It’s here.

About the Band? It’s here.

And about Polydec? It’s here.

Eurotec will take part of the event.

See you there.


You can download the invitation here.