The medical sector in a whirl

Not just for dental implant technology: Zecha presents series 462 whirl thread cutters. German patent application submitted for these new  tools. High precision internal threads are required in implant technology. The new whirl thread design sees Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH setting new standards in machining internal threads.

Quality and precision needed
For the manufacturers of implant screws – the connector between artificial tooth root and implant – one thing is particularly important: to be able to produce an absolutely cylindrical and geometrically accurate internal thread in demanding material such as, for example, a titanium alloy. Optimal results can be achieved using whirl thread tools, which are specially formed T-groove mill-type tools, with just one cutting edge.

New solution
Using a cutting tool as a basis, Zecha Hartmetall-Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Königsbach-Stein has conceived an optimised variant without the restrictions normally associated with the tools. Bernd Kirchner, member of the tool development team at Zecha says: “What makes it so special is the extended geometric moulding of the thread whirler. With its minimum radius the cutting shape allows the manufacture of burr-free threads of the highest quality, which can be used down the entire depth of the blind hole.” Also contributing to such results are the concentricity of 3 μm and a geometrical precision of 10 μm for the 462 tool series.
The thread whirler Series 462 forms burr-free thread forms down the entire depth of the blind hole – with short process time and significantly longer service time.  A German patent is pending.

Burr-free – short process times – long service life
The tools in the new whirl thread series also provide additional advantages. The main requirement for implant manufacture is that the manufactured thread must be absolutely burr-free. The special geometry achieves this in highest quality. The testing required to ensure process-safe production is minimized for the user over the entire service life of the tool.

About the technology
The thread whirler shortens process times, as the thread is formed process-safe in just one roughing and finishing operation. Its polished surfaces contribute to the extreme sharpness of the cutting edge and ensure excellent surface quality. The sharp cutting edges also guarantee a high material removal – and do this over a significantly longer period than previously the case: compared to the previously existing thread whirlers, the service life in titanium Grade 5 used in secure working conditions has been raised to over 10,000 threads per tool. A German patent application has been filed for the new thread whirler. Stefan Zecha, Managing Director of Zecha: “Our development department is always seeking out the best possible solutions for the respective machining operation. The highest precision and quality are among the priorities. This is how innovative high performance tools are created.”

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