Back to the roots… and more

In the past, Schaublin was well known in both fields of high production and small batches machining. In the recent past years, companies looking for a production means combining high precision, high production and flexibility were not able to find a Schaublin product tailored to this wide spectrum of needs. Since EMO 2009 this is no longer a question as the company launches a new product range combining all these advantages with the renowned Schaublin quality.

Legacy of the famous 110 and 220
The new 137 machine which is presented at EMO is part of a modular range that includes several models from 3 to 7 linear axes. Clearly dedicated to two different fields, i.e. production and small batches or prototypes, this machine targets any company looking for precision, repeatability and long product life quality solution. Footprint of the new machine is not widely different from the 220’s while bar capacity passes to 36mm.

Exclusive: A few characteristics of the 137 lathe

  • Bar diameter:36 mm
  • Max part diameter in mandrel:140 mm
  • Part length max.:350 mm
  • Number of tools max.:24
  • Spindle and counter spindle power:20 Kw
  • Presented: EMO 2009
  • Availability:June 2010

caisse schaublin copie

I was able to see and touch the machine but, this is too early to actually publish any picture of it. The manufacturer will keep the design for a discovering in Milan.

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