New Tornos machine @EMO

Tornos is unveiling a new family of machines under the name Gamma. Positioned between the Deco machines, designed for manufacturing complex parts, and Delta machines, which have been highly successful in manufacturing straightforward to moderately complex parts, these new turning machines complete the manufacturer’s range for creating moderately complex parts.

How to choose
Questioned as to the difficulty experienced by the customer in knowing how to choose between a Delta 20/5, a Sigma 20, a Gamma 20 or even a Deco 20e or a, Willi Nef, Tornos Vice-President, head of Sales and Marketing explains: “The most important thing is not the number of machines which seem to be crowding out the mid-range parts market sector, but rather the possibility for the customer of finding a machine which precisely fulfils his requirements. Now more than ever, Tornos is offering platforms of products ensuring our customers can always find a machine which corresponds exactly to their requirements!”. The 6-axis version (Gamma 20/6) of this new machine will be on display at EMO, with a 5-axis version (Gamma 20/5) also available.

The 5-axis model uses the tried and tested kinematics which are behind the success of the Delta range, including a platten resting on 2 axes during operation and a fixed counter operation block.

The 6-axis version, which uses an additional Y axis on the counter operation block, allows complex machining to also be carried out on the rear face of the part.gamma20_6-2

Exclusive:  A few characteristics of the new Gamma 20/6

  • Bar diameter: 20 mm
  • Part length max.: 250 mm with fixed guide bush, 210 mm direct drive rotary guidebush and 45 mm bushless
  • Number of tools max.: 39
  • Live tools max.: 15
  • Main spindle power: 2.2 kW/3.7 kW
  • Counter spindle power:  1.5 kW/2.2 kW
  • Presented: EMO 2009
  • Availability: To be announced

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