A solution for “Cost Effective Marketing”

This is a marketing message from Eurotec…
Despite Ford USA announcing a slight recovery of its sales in July, after 19 months of decline and even if some indicators seems to show that production is slowly increasing, we all face the necessity to save money whilst effectively continuing to communicate and promote our products and brand.

A good solution
Solutions to meet these promotional requirements actually exist. In terms of advertising for instance, with Eurotec you can benefit from one single targeted media outlet that covers the whole of Europe. Eurotec offers you a 10,000 circulation presence among companies active in small and precise. With Eurotec, you not only have a single marketing outlet to cover the whole of Europe, but you are also guaranteed the magazine reaches the persons that count. The ones that can say yes to your offer.

Targeted and efficient
Widely distributed at major European exhibitions, an advert in the magazine can supplement and support your marketing activity for an exhibition… sometimes even replace it. At Eurotec, we face the same challenges as you, so we have decided upon a “bottom of the Wave” special offer.
This opportunity allows you to continue communicating and promoting your company and services on a European level with minimal investment. This cost effective special offer, gives readers the opportunity to ride the ‘crest of a marketing wave’ and promote their businesses to companies that are rapidly leaving the recession behind.

I wish you all the best for this exigent period and I am happy to be able to offer you this communication opportunity. Do not hesitate to review and send back the form you will find here. With the hope that we can help you make the difference in the market, I look forward to hearing from you hopefully working with you to build success in generating future business.

Yours sincerely