Strategy for everyone

Renowned speaker Andreas Buhr will hand out his current book to attendees at his lecture that will take place at the Druck+Form show. This show is dedicated for Printing industry and then not really linked with “our world” of micro-technology. Nevertheless, the conference that will address hard times strategies can help everyone. If you’re near Sinsheim mid October, it can be worth to do the trip.

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Added value conference
Germany’s prominent consultant, speaker and sales expert Andreas Buhr will be speaking on Thursday 14th October 2009 at DRUCK+FORM on strategies for a successful turnover even in hard times. The lecture titled “Turnover machine” takes place from 12.30 to 1.30 pm in the PRINT FACTORY ACADEMY area of Hall 6. Andreas Buhr will have some copies of his current book to hand out to attendees at his lecture, free of charge and autographed on request. The lecture will be held in German.

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