SF-Filter AG: New name and new premises

Schupp AG, the company specialized in industrial and mobile filters has experienced a continuous growth since 1975. Its premises of Bachenbülach finally became too narrow. As a new extension of the building was not possible, it was urgent to build a new structure. The company’s choice? A ground situated at only 300 meters from the old location. The new building sited at Kasernenstrasse 6 offers optimum logistics conditions.
New Dimension
One year only was needed to construct the new building. Of very impressive size, it is designed to combine functionality and modern industrial design with success. With a floor space of 13’500 sqm, a warehouse with vertical storage places for 6’800 pallets, wide areas to store material and large offices, SF has entered a new dimension. The company currently employs 60 people in Bachenbülach.
It should be pointed out the exemplary attitude of the company in terms of environment protection and energy consumption. The building is heated and air conditioned without any CO2 release by the way of a state-of-the-art urban heating.

Schupp Ag becomes SF Filter AG
Simultaneously with the company move, a name change from Schupp AG to SF-Filter AG was realized. Since July first 2009, the company has the same name as its subsidiaries from other countries. The company is managed by its two owners A. Fritschi and D. van der Stroom with G. Fazzone who is also member of the management team. If the headquarter realized this ambitious project of moving to a new building, the French, German, Austrian and Polish subsidiaries of the company have furthermore extended their premises recently. SF continues to increase its market share in all these countries. The whole SF-Filter group employs about 200 people.

SF-Filter recognized for its know-how, its products quality…
SF has consistently concentrated its efforts on its core competences, i.e. business with filters. Users benefits from a wide and recognized know-how that makes the difference on the market. Customers are guaranteed to be well advised and helped by very competent specialists.
SF-Filter has always offered innovative tools to help customers choose and pass their orders. Product catalogues are logically organized by field of activities. SF-Filter comparative lists and CD are a must in this business. More and more customers also place their orders online through www.sf-filter.com.

…and its service
To the quality of products, the company adds a very efficient delivery service. 98% of the time orders are delivered within 24 hours.
Thanks to a high satisfaction level of its customers and a persuasive marketing and advertising strategy. SF-Filter is a recognized and praised company in numerous industries for the quality of its filters. With the new building, SF-Filter has the right tool to face the challenges of tomorrow.

SF-Filtres AG
Kasernenstrasse 6
CH – 8184 Bachenbülach
Tel. + 41 44 864 10 60
Fax + 41 44 864 14 56
[email protected]