To forge ahead…

This EMO year when the question of participation (or not) to the Italian exhibition was important as never before, many companies’ responsibles told me they didn’t want to give in to the temptation of not going to Milan. Indeed  the economy is idling and such a show is very expensive, but a trade fair remains a must to meet customers and many potential customers. Eurotec will also be present on the N16 A booth in Hall 14.

Many ways
A CEO told me : “Once our very existence is known, we can work to make our solutions valuable and convince the customer. At that moment it is already almost won as our products and services are…”. Here you can specify what you want, for instance more accurate, more efficient, perfectly tailored, etc. No matter the nature or the quality of your offer if you’re not even known!
To meet one’s today and future customers, many ways exist. First step in the process, becoming aware of a problem or a need. This can be realized alone or while discovering the second step, the knowledge of solutions. It is at this stage that EMO is important, like a magazine or the blog you’re reading. There are vectors to enable customers to discover that vendors actually exist to answer some needs. Sometimes these needs are discovered simultaneously as the solution.

Numerous companies carry out marketing statistics after a show. It is very important to know where visitors come from, their number and what interest them most. It is then easy to say how much money you’ve to pay per visitor. As an example, a machine-tool manufacturer with a 300 sqm booth can expect a € 260’000 budget. If he performs about 700 meeting on its booth, every visit costs him € 371. What about a magazine like Eurotec? Easy for figures. An ad costs about € 3’400 for a full page. As few as a little bit more than 9 interested readers (amongst the 10’000 circulation of the magazine) is enough to reach the same return on investment as mentioned in the example here above. Regarding the provenance statistics it is more difficult, it is quite rare that customers say “I’ve discovered your offer in Eurotec and I’m interested”, although several of our customers told us it happened to them.

et366Different yet complementary
Finally the communication tools are complementary and answer to the same needs of knowledge the targeted audience displays. To come back on the discussion with the above mentioned CEO, he faces the overproduction of communication means, zillions of websites, numerous shows, new magazines, blogs, social networks, etc. Ultimately what matter are circulation’s quality, the offer must reach the potentials. And mean’s quality, if reading the magazine brings no value, it’s inefficient.

One of my teacher told me one day that “quality is the actual expression of the fit between a product and its particular purpose” and he was right. If the magazine want to have an impact, it must reach the right audience and give value. Eurotec is well known for the high quality of its circulation and value of its content.

Issue 365 is now online on the articles pages. Issue 366 will be there within one week, it’s Motek these days and EMO very soon. Despite the economic situation a lot of companies are forging ahead and there are always passionate people behind. We at Eurotec try to keep you informed about all these novelties, you’re then better informed and can decide with more decision tools.

All the best

PS: If your come to Milan, feel free to visit us on our N16 A booth in hall 14.