EPHJ-EPMT – New configuration in order to face up to the growth

For the first time since their juxtaposed presence in the international exhibition EPHJ-EPMT, the sector of the professional environment of watchmaking and jewellery and the one of microtechnologies will take place under the same roof. A response to the growth, to the great satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors.

Beaulieu Lausanne, 8 to 11 June 2010
Now accessible through a completely redesigned common entrance, which marking gains in visual impact, the exhibitors of the two sectors will continue maintaining and strengthening their obvious synergies. It is besides, since 2007, the only European event where this getting together is deliberately cultivated. For one side or the other, professionals of the watchmaking and jewellery and of microtechnologies industries are looking for new solutions, materials, processes and inputs opening unprecedented opportunities. Fond of these potential transfers of technology and mingling of know-how, more and more CEO or production managers, accompanied by their specialized assistants, are coming during these four friendly and fruitful days, in search of new suppliers and of a diversification of their clientele.

One double-show
The reorganization of the available spaces obviously benefits exhibitors and visitors. On the side of EPHJ which is fully booked since the past three years, the organizers can welcome new participants and respond to those who arrived later and could not benefit from this springboard. On the side of EPMT, this strengthened closeness gives rise to an always growing motivation. Judiciously scheduled midway between the watch fairs and the arrival of new products on the autumnal market, EPHJ-EPMT meets real needs of the profession and, geographically, its location makes memberships practical for all participants, with an increased presence – more than 20% – of exhibitors from surrounding countries and even further.

  • EPHJ sectors (Professional Watchmaking andJewellery Environment): Training, Creation, Design, CAD, Raw Materials, Machinery, Tools, Manufacturing, Microtechnology, Control Devices, Components, Packaging, Displays, Management, Marketing, Communication, Consulting, Services, etc……

  • EPMT sectors (Professional Microtechnology Environment):Technologies of the medical and dental sectors,measuring instruments, metrology, automation, robotics, Photonics-optics, nanotechnology, automotive equipment, industrial machinery and equipment for the microtechnology and micromechanics areas, electronics, microelectronics, Institutes of Research and Training, Laboratories, Aeronautics, Other networks of microtechnology skills (activities of sub-contracting), etc.


Sigh of the future common entrance of EPHJ-EPMT 2010. For the first time, both sectors will take place in the same exhibition hall.

Beaulieu Lausanne, 8 to 11 June 2010.

For information : Olivier Saenger, organisation committee.
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