Emo Report #2

New flexible and high productivity Mikron Machining Technology products
Yesterday I discovered the new Mikron machine that is set up to present a door lock part. Quite a complex part manufactured at the pace of 20 parts per minute. This productivity is one of the main assets of the machines produced by the company, I was presented a new generation of ballpoint pens that costs 0,03 € each. The tips are produced on Mikron machines at 300 parts per minute!


New NAM and NAD systems
How does the part manufacturing on the Mikron NAM and NAD systems work?
The blanks – whether wire or bar – are first pre-machined, than clamped, cut to length and subsequently finished. Thanks to C-axes these operations are possible on six sides of the component. Four CNC axes as well as spindle modules with rotary speeds of up to 23,000 rpm and 3 kW thereby enable different techniques such as milling, turning, drilling, broaching, threading and deburring in one and the same step. Result: Always a precise and completely finished component.

According to the requirements the customer can choose between Mikron NAM (extremely productive, up to 120 pieces/min.) and Mikron NAD (extremely flexible). 
The profitability of the Mikron NAM ad NAD systems begins at lot sizes of 50 parts. An acutely economic production is guaranteed.

A few highlights:

  • More velocity
    Table indexing time from 0.85 to 0.4 seconds
    Threefold TRIAX speed & acceleration
    Spindles with internal cooling and HSK tool holder 
  • More accuracy
    New machining units more rigid with less friction 
    More spindle rigidity due to well dimensioned bearing 
  • More reliability
    New powerful pre-turning unit
    Machining unit enclosure 
    Filter and cooling system suitable for large chip volumes, long autonomy
    Improved lubrication of units and spindles
    Improved chip evacuation due to reduction of piping and cables

With the Mikron NAM and NAD systems Mikron Machining Technology completes its many-sided product portfolio.

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