EMO report #5

A company started in 2003 in Europe and is now part of the most important machine-tool providers for 80% of the needs of the market. This company is American and put a lot of efforts on training future generations of engineers and operators. Its name? Hass Automation Europe. Meeting with Katja Mader, Marketing Director.

Importance of training
Haas knows that having a highly skilled team will be the key to successful preparation for all that this industrial revolution will offer the manufacturing industry.   The company has a network of business partners in over 100 countries worldwide and, from advanced to developing economies, it hears the same story everywhere; there is a shortage of technologists who are able to program, set up and operate machine tools. Through the establishment of the Haas Technical Education Centres (HTECs) in America and across Continental Europe the company is attracting youngsters to pursue exciting and rewarding careers in manufacturing. 10,000 students every year learn to use Haas machine in the American HTECs.  On this side of the Atlantic the 52 Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) are working hard towards the establishing a network of at least 200 European HTECs by 2015. 



It is not only machines
Haas offers a complete educational concept including the working conditions and the training of trainers… that way, the future can be brighter for those who would like to enter in such a kind of job. The company provides (with its partners) everything you need at schools:

  • Machines
  • Cooling
  • Tools
  • Training and advises

Eurotec will come back on the subject soon…
Hass displays 28 machines in a massive 1183 m2 stand at EMO.