Measurable results

GF AgieCharmilles, Hexagon Metrology extend collaboration; complementary technologies to be featured at EXPOlaser 2009.

GF AgieCharmilles and Hexagon Metrology, two globally-renowned technology leaders, are stepping up their partnership to bring leading-edge laser technology and the latest metrology instruments to EXPOlaser 2009, Nov. 19-21, at Piacenzaexpo, Piacenza, in Italy. Thanks to this partnership, visitors to EXPOlaser 2009 will get a close-up look at how  GF AgieCharmilles’ laser ablation technology and products are complemented by Hexagon Metrology’s laser scanners which digitally capture 3D-shapes and textures precisely and effortlessly, and play a key role in quality assurance.

From concept to finished products
GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser products offer manufacturers new possibilities for fine texturing and, thanks to Hexagon Metrology’s expertise in all areas of metrology, cover the whole design process chain from concept to finished product and quality assurance, as well as the possibility of reverse engineering. The cooperation between GF AgieCharmilles and Hexagon Metrology began earlier this year with the installation of Hexagon Metrology 3D measuring machines in GF AgieCharmilles’ application centers. Customers are the ultimate beneficiary of GF AgieCharmilles and Hexagon Metrology’s shared passion for high precision.


To the service of customers
Measurable results are at the heart of GF AgieCharmilles’ commitment to customers, and Hexagon Metrology provides the instruments and knowledge base to let customers see for themselves the value delivered by GF AgieCharmilles Laser machines.