The Schleifring Group is under new management

Körber Schleifring is strengthening its three technology areas; surface and profile grinding with the Blohm, Jung and Mägerle brands, tool grinding with the Walter and EWAG brands and cylindrical grinding with the Studer, Schaudt and Mikrosa brands.

Behind (from the left): Richard Bauer, Gustel Baumert, in front (from the left): Stephan Nell, Heinz Poklekowski, Dr. Roland Rütti.

“These areas will in future each be allocated their own management, and will accordingly be able to offer the best solutions – from the whole range of Group services – to meet their customers’ needs. The current Schleifring Service unit will be re-integrated into each of these subsidiaries to round off the range of services that they offer.

New management

To effectively bring together the advantages and strengths of the globally positioned Schleifring Group with the customer contact, market knowledge and flexibility of the technological areas, the Schleifring Group is under a new management. The heads of the technology divisions, together with the Managing Directors of Körber Schleifring GmbH, will now constitute the Management. There are Dr Roland Rütti (surface and profile grinding), Heinz Poklekowski (tool grinding) and Stephan Nell (cylindrical grinding), Gustel Baumert (Managing Director of Körber Schleifring GmbH) and Richard Bauer (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Körber AG as well as Chairman of the Management Board of Körber Schleifring GmbH).

All the brands will be continued within the technology divisions, and innovation activities will be driven forward at the same time. In this way the Schleifring Group will be creating the conditions for further growth and expanding its leading position to gain an even greater market share.

Körber Schleifring GmbH

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Siams 2010: Many new products at Newemag and Schneider mc SA

After the success of the common presence of Newemag & Schneider mc SA at SIAMS 2008, the concept is repeated this year. New products presented: Brother TC-S2D and TC-R2, as well as Miyano BNA-42 S models.

Machining area of the new Miyano BNA-42S

Brother TC-S2D – develop constantly
“Develop constantly” is the motto of Brother, the Japanese machine tools manufacturer. The new TC-S2D development is presented at SIAMS just 4 years after the introduction of the previous successful model, the TC-S2C. Stability of the machine has been further improved and ship to ship time has been significantly reduced.

Brother TC-R2B – a continuous productive machining
The enhanced Brother TC-R2B includes a rotating pallet loader. While the piece is machined from one side of the rotating palette, the operator can unload the finite part and set up a new one on the other side. Cycle time of the pallet charger is of only 2.9 seconds. Furthermore, machining area has been enlarged compared to the previous model although footprint surface itself has been reduced.

Miyano BNA-42 S – new model reduces idle time
The new model of Miyano, BNA-42 S combines proven high rigidity and accuracy of the BNC series to the already known performance of BND series. Another improvement of the new model: strong reduction in idle times that leads to reduced cycle times.

Siams 2010: stand D12 /E11 dans le hall 1.1.

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Turning ideas into successful market products

Inform visitors quickly and comprehensively of the newest market trends – this is the mission of Osec’s two «Swiss Pavilion» at the Hannover Messe. In Hall 2, Swiss researchers and start-up companies are presenting exhibits on current high-tech developments, while in Hall 4 the dynamic Swiss supplier sector is demonstrating how it applies innovative ideas and helps customers to create higher value-added products.

The latest trends in Swiss research at a glance
The «Swiss Pavilion» in Hall 2, part of the Research & Technology section, serves as a display window of innovations, geared towards providing visitors to the Hannover Messe with a targeted look at the lively research scene in Switzerland. As always, manufacturers of high-precision measuring instruments are presenting their leading-edge products, which include devices for predicting oxidation stability. Micro-robotics is tapping into previously unthinkable applications in medical, manufacturing, environmental and transportation technology. Sewing and embroidery machines equipped with inventive software are setting new standards, as is sophisticated chip technology for security technology and quality control.

From Swiss laboratories to the world market
Research is the eternally bubbling breeding ground for lucrative products – and the Swiss suppliers presenting their new developments at the «Swiss Pavilion» in Hall 4 as part of the Industrial Supply section are well aware of this fact. There, manufacturers of high-quality cast-iron products are joined by specialists demonstrating new techniques for machining and welding large components.

On the lookout for cooperative partners
Suppliers are increasingly taking on the role of creative partners, participating early in product de-sign processes. There is a growing trend among suppliers to unite and form expert teams that offer their customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for a broad range of services. This cuts costs, improves efficiency and increases value added. Partnering with the right suppliers can lay the foundation for market success.

The organizer of both «Swiss Pavilion» is Osec, the Swiss organization for promoting foreign trade, whose mission is to help companies from Switzerland and Liechtenstein develop and expand their activities abroad. Supporter of Hall 2’s Pavilion is the Swiss innovation promotion agency CTI, which for over 60 years has fostered knowledge and technology transfer, helping public research institutions and private-sector enterprises collaborate on joint projects.

A new versatile converter

The company Meyrat SA, which operates in the field of high-frequency spindles, has extended its product range and is now offering a 30 mm-diameter spindle (MHF-30) as an operational tool for bar-turning machines. The increased performance of its motor has encouraged the company to develop a new frequency converter.

This converter provides a power level which is three times higher than before and is also lighter. It can control all the spindles in the MHF-22 to MHF-30 ranges. As it has multi-parameter operation, you just have to select the data set which corresponds to the connected spindle. The data set selected comes up on this screen each time the device is switched on. This converter is very easy to connect and is compatible with all kinds of power supply from 110 to 250 Volts in single-phase current regardless of network frequency.
The new converter regulates the motors in an open loop, as each spindle in the MHF range is actuated by a synchronous motor. This technology allows the device to attain high power levels while limiting power loss. In order to save time and improve safety, braking action is applied to the spindles by the converter.
The converter can be controlled manually on the front panel (start/stop, speed and rotation direction) or by a numerical control or a PLC via the D-Sub interface.
The dimensions and mounting options are exactly the same as those of its predecessor, so it can be used as a tabletop module or mounted on the front panel or base plate of the machine.

Meyrat SA
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Medtec France… in Lyon in 2012!

The Medtec series of shows continues to evolve to be close to visitors and offer them the best possible experience. Mark Temple-Smith Event Director, Europe and Asia (Canon Communications) told me today that the French show will take place in Besançon in odd years and Lyon in even years since 2012.

This new concept will allow Medtec to reach some other parts of France. According to a survey organized for Canon Communications LLC (Medtec organizers), exhibitors of Medtec France are positive about this idea. Moreover, that also means that there won’t be two micro-technological shows in Besançon the same year.
Even if Micronora is not built on the same trade, for some exhibitors, that was not evident to be present twice the same year in the same exhibition’s place.

What about this year issue?
This year’s event will take place on 21 and 22 April. With more than 250, the number of exhibitors increased for about 5% compared to last issue.
To conclude, Mark says: “We organize shows for people”. (There is more to come in a further issue of Eurotec).
There is a market in France, Medtec went there and first issue was successful. Prognostics for 2010 are positives.

More information about Medtec France? It’s here.

Very skilled in medical too…

Franche-Comté is a country of microtechniques, like the Jura region from Switzerland. Their development is quite similar and tightly connected to the watch industry. Meeting with Jean Chappuis CEO of the Rubis Precis Micropierre Group at the Medtec Stuttgart.

The Rubis-Precis Micropierre group includes two companies, Rubis Precis in Charquemont and Micropierre in Besançon (both in France). These two 60-year-old companies merged their skills 15 years ago. They both produced ruby or sapphire parts for the watch making industry. As years passed, the group developed distinctive skills in machining hard material (sapphires, rubies, carbide, quartz and ceramics); in producing complex parts by high precision turning or on transfer machines; and in assembling parts needing different technologies like oven soldering, laser soldering, punching, sticking and setting.

High skills to the service of medical
The company is recognized throughout Europe for it skills in micromachining and assembly. The competences of people and the machines at their disposal allow them to produce micromechanical parts with accuracy, flexibility and reactivity.
The large panel of skills fits perfectly medical industry.

A few examples of parts realized by Rubis Precis Micropierre

  • Gold markers for stents and implantable devices
  • Platinum precision components for implants
  • Vitreous carbon electrodes for pacemakers
  • Ruby nozzles for hematology apparatus
  • Sapphire or yag lenses for endoscopes
  • Biocompatible ceramic for femoral heads
  • Stainless steel or titanium components for medical devices
  • Ruby or sapphire knives for surgery
  • Precision bearings and pivots for spirometers

The company unique combination of skills allows them to go far beyond “simple machining”.
Active in the medical sector and looking for a partner in subcontracting?
Do not hesitate to contact them!

Rubis Precis
F-25140 Charquemont
Tel.: +33 (0)3 81 68 27 27
Fax: +33 (0)3 81 68 68 34
mailto: [email protected]

20 Rue Lafayette – F-25000 Besançon
Tel.: +33 (0)3 81 53 68 55
Fax: +33 (0)3 81 53 63 43
mailto: [email protected]

Increased capacity…

Since the takeover of André Gueissaz SA by Ruetschi technology in 2006, the manufacturer of plastic components has been moving towards the production of increasingly high-tech pieces. The R&D offices of the two companies merged in 2008 and the company’s rationalisation efforts entered a new phase in 2009, when work started on the construction of a new building.

Production and assembly side by side
This is a bold bet for the future by the manufacturer. Judge for yourself: the entire production facilities of André Gueissaz SA are to be moved to Yverdon into a brand-new building. The area given over to injection moulding machinery will be doubled in size and that for assembly substantially extended. Side by side on a single level, the entire production and assembly chain will enjoy more rational logistics.

Greater synergy
One trend in the production of high-technology parts for the medical or agri-food sectors is the combination of metal and plastics. The new premises of Gueissaz Plastic will communicate directly with the existing premises of the Ruetschi Group, resulting in substantially greater synergy between the two entities.

A clean room environment from start to finish
André Gueissaz will also be able to produce medical subassemblies entirely in a clean room environment, both injection moulding and assembly being conducted in these conditions. Wydler: “We were already able to work in a protective atmosphere, but with our new premises we’ll be entering a whole new dimension. With facilities like these and our newly certified processes, we’re paving the way for the future.”

To find out more about André Gueissaz, you can download the article published in Eurotec 365 here:

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