What if the coolant would be paid by illness insurances?

I went to the Motorex press conference today and that was very well done. We received a lot of information, results of tests and proofs about the new Motorex Swisscool Tresor PMC©. This new water-based lubricant is completely free of the usual aggressive chemical additives and uses the oligodynamic effect of precious metal (silver in this case).

In machining, illness due to water-based coolant is not to be neglected. With its new Swisscool Tresor PMC©, Motorex works for user’s skin. There are no boron, no bactericide, no fungicide, no amine and no chlorine… just precious metal that does the job perfectly. With a far lower concentration of product, the result is just outstanding.

Motorex launched today the Swisscool Tresor PMC in Langenthal. From left to right: Ralf Binninger, Head of Water Based Coolant Dept. (Motorex), Peter Regenass, President of the Board of Directors (Motorex), Andreas Mollet, Head of Sales (Mapal), Adrian Schoch, Key Account Manager (Motorex), Michael Rocker, Chemist (Berufgenossenschaft Metall Germany) and Hugo Fisch, Head of Industry (Motorex).

More than 4 years of R&D and comprehensive tests for 9 months
After all these years of hard work, the company presented today the results and they are impressive.
With the use of Tresor PMC©, there is no longer some “biotopes” in the machine tools said Mr Regenass. The idea behind this technology is not new as remarked Mr Regenass. He told us: “My grandma was used to put a silver coin in the vase of the flowers to keep the water clean far longer”… Motorex’s job was to implement this idea into a product that not only works in that sense but also brings added value in every other aspects of production.

The results of the test are as follow:

  • Longer life of the product
  • Higher cutting parameters
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Longer life of the tools
  • Better surface quality finish
  • Higher average machining accuracy
  • Human friendliness

The product has been used by about 120 test customers for months and the results here above are largely documented.

Illness insurance then?
Obviously in our world where the illness insurances pay to “repair” people, this idea sounds just insane. Nevertheless, the large use of the new Swisscool Tresor PMC© would reduces drastically the costs of treatment for contact eczemas and allergies whilst improving machining. Not only users are no longer absents but production is better.   It is clearly a shift of paradigm that will change the water-based coolant world forever.

This new product is now available and the company’s representatives are eager to inform and show people how to produce better while also offering better working conditions (people that already suffered skin troubles know what that means).

You can find more information on Swisscool Tresor PMC© here.

MOTOREX Lubrication Technology
Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31
P.O. Box
4901 Langenthal
Phone +41 (0)62 919 75 75
Fax +41 (0)62 919 75 95
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Skin disorders associated with the use of coolants

With the launch of its new coolant called Tresor, Motorex met with Michael Rocker, chemist, Berufsgenossenschaft Metall Nord Süd (BGM), Mainz and talked about skin disorders associated with the use of coolants. You can see the whole interview here.

Skin disorders caused by coolants – contact eczemas, as they are known – are generally multifactorial in nature. Depending on the damaging factors in each case, we refer to allergic, toxic, irritant or degenerative changes in the skin, and mixed forms are common. The period between first contact with the coolant and the appearance of a skin disorder can range from a week to 30 years. Allergic contact eczemas are characterized by the fact that the skin reaction persists throughout life, in many cases forcing the sufferer to give up their job if the allergen cannot be avoided.

Michael Rocker answers a few very important topics such as:

  • Costs incurred by industry in Europe each year as a result of productivity losses due to skin disorders
  • Future development of biocidecontaining coolants
  • Future regulations mean for industrial companies and operators
  • Future prospects for a product such as MOTOREX TRESOR PMC® 100, which is free of boron, amines and biocides and that limits microbial growth by other means
  • Current position concerning coolants containing boric acid with regard to the Biocides Directive in 2014
  • and more..

If the Green revolution interests you, you can discover the whole product here.

I’m going to meet Motorex tomorrow… I’ll come back to you as soon as possible with other news about this new era of cooling that just started.


PS: By the way, you can download the article about Tresor that is published in the current issue of Eurotec here.

Laser welding assembly machine

Recent developments now make it possible to have laser sources which combine performance with compactness – several hundred Watts in less than 20 cm high. These equipments produce a beam of such high quality that they are capable of welding spots just a few tens of microns in diameter.

The same laser can operate in either pulse or continuous mode, making it possible to cover an extremely broad range of applications and to work on a large spectrum of conventional and precious metals.


Example of micro part realized on a laser Cheval machine. Machining without bending produces a level of accuracy of a few hundredths of mm (or less) on parts varying in size from 0.05 mm to several mm thick. A wide variety of materials can be cut and pre-cut using laser technology : steel, precious metals, alumunium, magnetic sheeting, copper, brass, thin sheeting, ceramics, wood, plastics…

Industrial micro-assembly
These characteristics enable Laser Cheval to offer compact, efficient micro-assembly machines operating either automatically or semi-automatically. They are equipped with camera optics, saving operators the fastidious task of working with binoculars and allowing them to view the blanks to be welded from several angles. These optical viewing systems can be automated and allow for precise repositioning of spot welds on blanks, guaranteeing the reproducibility of assembly operations.

Complex assemblies
Thanks to the flexible functionality of this machine, it now serves a large number of companies in the fields of watchmaking, jewellery, the medical sector, aeronautics and electronics. All these industrial customers are working to develop assembly techniques to enable them to produce complex assemblies by welding simple components while keeping production costs low.

Last but not least: micro-cutting
In addition to their potential for welding, these laser sources can also be used for micro-cutting operations on virtually all metals.
Laser Cheval also has a testing department and a subcontracting department, which enables it to offer its customers a wall-to-wall service from development of the prototype laser process, production of the pre-series for validation and sub-contractor series during the study, right through to the final production of their machine.
Don’t miss Laser Cheval at the EPMT 2010 in Lausanne, stand C4, Hall 9

Laser Cheval
5 Rue de la Louvière
25480 PIREY
Tél. +33 (0)3 81 48 34 60
Fax +33 (0)3 81 48 34 64
[email protected]

Such precious metal…

The problem of swarf management is a familiar one and in the case of precious metals the constraints are even greater than for standard materials. With the value of gold at more than 42,000 CHF per kilo and maximum waste tolerance  at no more than 2 per cent, producers are having to find ever more sophisticated solutions to recover as much of the material as possible to avoid paying for “waste”.

While swarf management is by no means a source of value added in production runs, the operation can quickly become costly and fraught with problems. Rimann SA specialises in supplying global solutions for recovering precious metals, notably for the watchmaking sector.

What about the swarf?
The global solution that Rimann SA offers allows you to clean the swarf without using solvents, which always present a hazard for operator health, and without using inflammable products, which are an explosion hazard. The process begins with conventional centrifuging, after which the swarf is washed in detergent in a closed circuit. The swarf is then dried. The net weight of the precious metal is recovered. Rimann offers a complete, fully integrated system for centrifuging and washing. The centrifuging time can be set using a timer and is identical to the time for rinsing, which can follow on like a second process. The “oil” recipient is monitored by means of a probe to prevent it overflowing: if it is full, the centrifuge stops. Ease-of-use and reliable operation are guaranteed. The type of centrifuging and washing depends on the quantity and type of swarf to be processed. Numerous parameters need to be taken into account and Rimann is a partner of choice when it comes to swarf management.

But swarf management is only one part, there is also added value in every other aspect of “post-production” processes…
We will deepen these aspects in our next issue.

Rimann AG
Römerstrasse West 49
CH – 3296 Arch
Tel.+41 (0)32 377 35 22
Fax+41 (0)32 377 35 24
[email protected]h

Europa Star returns to the Maillard-Buchser family

Europa Star and its series of publications in the fields of horology, jewellery and precision engineering are returning to the family that founded them more than 83 years ago. We at Eurotec, part of this batch of publications, are excited about the  opportunities this new step offers us.

In 1927, a young entrepreneur, Hugo Buchser, established the Geneva publishing house that was to become Europa Star and the multitude of other international luxury, jewellery and precision machinery publications and titles. These were the first international “business to business” media to be created in these sectors, with issues and editions in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Cyrillic.

83 years later, the Maillard-Buchser family, with Philippe Maillard at the helm of the publishing group since he took over from his father Gilbert Maillard in 1992, has re-acquired the totality of the company’s shares. The company was previously under the ownership of a number of different media, marketing and communication groups (UN&M, Miller Freeman, Bill Communication, and most recently VNU).

For Eurotec’s readers and advertisers as well as partners, there is no change in the day to day business. We will continue to give them the best possible magazine, both in term of targeted readers and added value content. Nevertheless this will bring us more possibilities to create products tailored to our advertisers and readers.

Stay tunned, you’re at the right place to grasp valuable information on microtechnology.


PS: You can find more information on Europa Star here.

Eurotec 370 is about to be printed

Its content is clearly focused on news and ways to help users to be more efficient or save money. It will be sent to readers early June and will also be largely distributed at EPHJ/EPMT in Lausanne.

Calibration tool from Mikron. Mikron is the only supplier of a whole machining system: tools, transfer machines and clamping systems. This Swiss manufacturer has built up its experience over several decades in the production of precision tools and machines for demanding applications (more to learn in Eurotec 370).

If you don’t receive the magazine and can’t go to the Lausanne show, you can also receive the magazine directly to your mailbox. You can subscribe for the magazine here.

Highlights of Eurotec 370

  • About the shows…
  • At the heart of the action with Mark Temple Smith (Canon communications)


  • 24 machining stations
  • A complete range for milling
  • To produce twice as much…
  • 5-axis milling
  • Machining of miniature parts


  • Such precious metal…


  • Strangely shaped tools…
  • A threading solution for each application
  • Middle centring
  • High-pressure Technology


  • The Green Revolution Motorex Tresor PMC®


  • The Jura


  • EPHJ/EPMT 2010
  • 29. MOTEK, 4. BONDexpo
  • Micronora 2010


  • 13th International Day for Marketing in the Watchmaking Industry

If you’re willing to communicate with the people that counts in the microtechnology field in Europe, you should consider using Eurotec. Its 10’000 targeted circulation in three languages is the most efficient way to reach people that counts in this world.
Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact Nathalie or Véronique

  • French speaking Switzerland, France, Israel, Liechtenstein: Véronique Zorzi, Tél. +41 22 307 78 52 e-mail: [email protected]
  • German speaking Switzerland, Germany and other countries: Nathalie Glattfelder, Tél. +41 22 307 78 32 e-mail: [email protected]


Two added value seminars

Micronarc has organized two seminars to take place during EPHJ/EPMT.  People are invited to participate at these upcoming events in Beaulieu, Lausanne.


Counterfeiting in the Watchmaking Industry; Lausanne, Thursday June 10, 14h – 17h. In collaboration with Alliance, you are cordially invited to follow a series of presentations on this contentious theme.
Registration is free of charge, but required. See the full program and register here (French).

Microfactory Assembly, a Swiss-Japanese exchange; Lausanne, Friday June 11, 10h – 13h. In collaboration with the DTF Japan – Desktop Factory, Micronarc offers you a forum on the theme of micro-assembly. Japan has been a forerunner in this field. Comme partake in a series of presentations by member-companies of the DTF consortium, as well as Swiss counterparts. Presentations in Japanese will be translated into French.
Registration is free of charge, but required. See the full program and register here (French).

Please register separately for the two seminars.
The Micronard staff is looking forward welcoming you to the events! Of course, they remain available should you require any more information.

[email protected]