Relaxation and discovery as time ticks by

Traditional watchmaking craftsmanship, workshop, assembly, shop, manufacture… terms that still resonate throughout the mountains and valleys of the historic Jura region (Switzerland). Watchmaking is directly linked to both its history and its economy. In recognition of this fact, a small group of passionate enthusiasts established the Watchmaking Foundation some nine years ago. Collecting parts, exhibiting its finds or giving expert opinion on individual timepieces, the Foundation concerns itself with the treasures of their ancestors.


Watchmaking: inextricably linked to the region’s development
The past is undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of riches, but it also serves to help us understand our present society and envisage its future. Aware that the past has a tendency to gather dust, the Foundation’s members are constantly seeking to bring watchmaking history out from the vaults and into the public arena, for those who either remember or need to understand the past. The Foundation’s role today is to effectively promote the region’s heritage, to bring it to life through dynamic projects aimed at the widest possible audience.
With support from both the Republic and the Canton of Jura and the Swiss Confederation, the Watchmaking Foundation has implemented a large-scale project to appeal to historians and tourists alike. Connoisseurs and amateurs, Jurassians and foreigners can all discover the three aspects of watchmaking as they pass through the three Jura districts. The Foundation’s workshop in Porrentruy has been transformed. It will stage a presentation of semiprecious stones – a burgeoning area a few decades ago – in the lovely Ajoie region. A traditional workshop will be recreated In the Franches-Montagnes district to recall the origins of watchmaking in the Jura. And finally, the Foundation will explore the themes of bar turning and machine tools in Delémont and the Birse Valley.

Collective project
In addition to these presentations, the institution is aiming to bring together the Canton’s entire watchmaking community for the project. The industry, hotel, leisure, culture and heritage sectors will join forces to offer each visitor the most detailed picture of the Canton of Jura.
A truly innovative concept: the chance to look inside the industries and companies involved in watchmaking. For reasons of confidentiality and sometimes organisation, it is naturally not always possible to reveal specific expertise. Several organisations have chosen to participate, aware of the importance of openness and communication.

Welcome to the Jura
In addition to this historic journey, each visitor will have the opportunity to spend some time in the Canton. Relaxing leisure activities, excellent cuisine and a night in welcoming Jurassian accommodation will be the perfect accompaniment to a truly unique watchmaking experience. This offer will be available as complete packages with the option to adapt both the length and content of the stay. Another way to discover the Jura, past and present, just as you like.

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New testimonials on the site

I received fantastic feedback from Pemamo-Honing regarding Eurotec and I’ve just updated the “What they think about Eurotec” section on the site.  What our customers think is very important for us… so feel free to express yourself here.

MM. Alain Grimm, CEO and Reto Decker, Sales manager
Pemamo-Honing, Phosa SA, Le Landeron, Switzerland – Honing machines and honing tools manufacturer

Eurotec customer for 10 years

“We have reduced the number of magazines in which we insert advertising. We continue with Eurotec because its targeted circulation in micro-technology in Switzerland and Europe is very good.”

“Feedback linked to our ads is good.”

We’re working on the next issues and there will be very interesting news to discover… and advertisings will hit their targets with some added value content.
It could be the moment to be more visible on the market. You can benefit from the special action here.


10th OPTATEC Celebrates Successful Anniversary

A ray of sunshine for the industry manifests itself as an upward trend: With more than 5000 expert visitors from around the world, the 10th OPTATEC at the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre marks an economic turning point.

5217 expert visitors, well over 500 exhibitors, more than 190,000 square feet of overall occupied floor space, participants and visitors from over 30 countries around the globe – the 10th OPTATEC international trade fair for future optical technologies, components, systems and manufacturing closed with these figures on the 18th of June, 2010, and was thus able to assert itself exceptionally well! Not only was Frankfurt once again transformed into the Mecca of optical technologies during the four days of the event from the 15th through 18th of June, not only did most of the exhibitors from near and far enjoy good to very good leads and even close business deals, and not only did OPTATEC more than live up to its distinguishing characteristics – over 500 exhibitors, and ten times as many expert visitors, bear witness to the great importance of OPTATEC in this international field of business.

Exceptional Circumstances at OPTATEC: Concrete Deals Closed On-Site!
Admittedly, things didn’t and still don’t look as bad for the sector as they do in other industries, but the current strong run of business caused a positive general mood to spread amongst the exhibitors, which of course was expressed in terms of comparatively high expectations. According to project manager Karen Waldow, developments amongst the expert visitors were even more encouraging, and upon enquiry the exhibitors expressly praised their quantity as well as their quality. After all, the 10th OPTATEC took place at an opportune time, because the industry is anticipating growth in the low 2-digit range. In addition to this, discussion regarding the subvention of solar and photovoltaic equipment has finally been objectivised once again, and the initially expected dramatic loss of orders is indeed no longer to be reckoned with, which is promoting confidence amongst the exhibitors as well as the users.

OPTATEC – Leading Information and Business Platform, Unique Throughout the World

Unanimous praise was expressed on the part of the exhibitor advisory board, the exhibitors, the event promotion partners and the expert visitors with regard to the comprehensive, star-studded supplementary and forum programme. International experts and decision makers were impressed by the pragmatic information and communication mix covering both theory and actual practice, as well as other exhibition offerings involving hardware and software. Optimisations and innovations in the customary applications for the optical technologies were showcased to just as great an extent as were the latest developments in the safety, LED, solar and photovoltaic technologies, as well as medical engineering. And thus OPTATEC has once again lived up to its reputation as a trendsetter, and interesting markets are developing from these trends now, and will continue to do so in the future, in which the exhibitors will be able to participate right from the very start. It’s unique throughout the world with regard to its industry-specific content, i.e. optical issues within production – a benefit which is greatly appreciated by the exhibitors as well as the expert visitors. Within this context, it’s also noteworthy that, according to statements issued by the exhibitors, the expert visitors arrived at OPTATEC with a previously unheard of volume of concrete projects intent on finding practicable solutions.

Seen in this light, the OPTATEC has once again more than lived up to its exceptional position despite, or perhaps precisely because of a greatly altered setting for trade fairs of a more multi-technical nature, which not least of all is good reason for private trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG to look to the future with confidence – a future which will include the next OPTATEC taking place once again at the Frankfurt exhibition centre from the 22nd through the 25th of May, 2012.

P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG
Rainer Färber
Director of Marketing and PR
Phone:    +49 (0)7025 / 92 06-673
Fax:    +49 (0)7025 / 92 06-625
[email protected]

From idea to finished part

A few companies have reunited their skills in the “Technical Synergies” association. The aim of this group of companies (that are not linked by any means but member of the association) is to bring more know-how to their customers. An event was organized today in La Neuveville, Switzerland. Obviously we were there. Report!

Before the start of the show this morning. Everything was prepared to welcome visitors (also with excellent local specialties for meals and beverages). It was a first event and then a good opportunity to discover the association. You were not able to go there? No trouble, the association is reachable on the net (see below). (Although that will be more difficult to feel, taste and touch through the net)

In a very nice place, close to the lake, under the sun… the four main actors of the association accompanied by 3 sponsors and an invited of honor presented their skills in machine-tool, tooling, CAD/CAM, accessories and lubrication.


  • Bimu – cutting tools & accessories
  • Icam – innovative computer aided manufacturing
  • Urma – reaming heads and Hass factory outlet Switzerland
  • Gloor – special tools


  • Blaser – the liquid tool
  • Blum – measuring technic
  • Niederhauser – clamping technology and systems

Invited of honor

  • CIP/CTDT – training in high precision machining

As a customer what can I expect from the association?
The whole spectrum of activities represented at the event gives us a clue on the services customers can receive. First, the companies know the market better, then they can all provide better solutions. According to the projects, the fact that every skill can be found at the same place brings more efficiency and simplicity to the customers.

You’re facing a programming, tooling or machining question? It may be that the technical synergies association actually already has the answer. Do not hesitate to contact them
[email protected]

The association is only at its start and the potential for customers is huge. Eurotec will come back on this  later.

smartPAD: a new way to control robots

The simplest way of controlling robots. Touch screen. Graphics support. Flexible interaction. The more powerful the capabilities of the robots become, the more intuitive user interfaces for operator control of the robots are pushed into the foreground. The new KUKA smartPAD brilliantly demonstrates, on a large, high-resolution, antireflection touch screen, how robots can be operated intuitively.


Operations are presented to the user in a transparent manner by means of intelligent, interactive dialogs. The user always has at his disposal precisely the operator control elements that he actually needs at any given moment. With the aim of focusing attention on what is important, so that users can work more intuitively and thus more easily, quickly and efficiently. Simply smarter in every respect.

Intuitive user interface and ergonomics – optimized down to the very last detail
The new KUKA smartPAD leaves little to be desired in the operator control of robots. Weighing only about 1,000 grams, it offers both service-proven operator control elements, such as the 6D mouse, and also a wide range of new features. Essentially, the smartPAD is operated using a well-lit touch screen and few keys. The assignment of four multifunctional function keys can be adapted to the specific program. The function that is active at any time is clearly indicated in the display. A few keys can thus provide direct access to a large number of individual functions. And this in a highly ergonomic manner for fast, user-friendly work in daily operation. The same applies to the keyswitch, which is no longer tied to fixed operating modes, but is linked to the graphical user interface in a context-sensitive way. This means that the new smartPAD, in conjunction with data entry via the touch panel, is able to cover all national or international requirements universally without hardware adaptations.

More power at your service

At the same time, new hardware features have been integrated into the smartPad for even more efficient work. For example, in addition to the six familiar jog keys, it now has two additional rocker switches. Altogether, this means that eight axes can be controlled directly, without the need to switch between them. A USB port integrated into the housing also allows data to be saved and loaded directly into the smartPAD. Furthermore, the smartPAD is hot-pluggable. If it is not required, simply unplug it while the system is running. For safety, or in order to use the same smartPAD with several systems. Simply ergonomic. Simply well-thought-out.

KUKA Roboter GmbH

Zugspitzstrasse 140
86165 Augsburg
Tel.: + 49 821 797-4000
Fax: + 49 821 797-4040
[email protected]

Grinding and polishing a Ø 28 sphere

Since Recomatic and Bula technologies merged a little more than one year ago, the companies went on well and developed some new products (see the eurotec’s news here). I recently met Christophe Rérat CEO of the company that explained me how the high level of skills in grinding and polishing in watch industry starts to touch other fields of activities, e.g. medical.

The first tests of  grinding heads for hip replacement were fully positive and the company now goes further and provides a complete solution for griding and polishing.

Even in medical industry where everything is process oriented, controlled and validated, a lot of finishing and polishing operations are performed manually, like it was done in the watch industry maybe 10 to 15 years ago. Recomatic and Bula helped the watch industry to be more industrialized for these operations and is now ready to help medical industry too.

Wide shared know-how
Bula Technologies was already more in the medical field than Recomatic, and there are clear synergies. If the part to be polished is well prepared, there are a lot of gains for everyone. For companies active in the medical field, it is the guarantee of a process mastered at every step!

Fully validated tests
Recomatic-Bula have fully documented some tests on a spherical part, like a head for hip replacement and the results are just outstanding and repetitive! With the technology used, we can grind and polish the complete sphere till the junction section on the back.

There are movies available for interested customers, do not hesitate to ask Recomatic for this demo.

We’ll come back on the subject in Eurotec’s next issue.

Recomatic SA
Rue des Marronniers 1G
Case postale 17
CH-2905 Courtedoux
Tél. + 41 32 465 70 10 – Fax + 41 32 466 43 51
[email protected]

How Tectri wins on the market with Miyano BNE-51SY5

Founded in 1998, the company Tectri based in Court, in the middle of the historical cradle of high precision turning, decided to use fixed headstock machines to produce highly precise parts up to 51mm or more (and by the way, they are working with oil*).


12 years ago, Newemag was the company’s first machine tool provider with one, then two and three… till six Miyano BNE machines. 10 years later, Tectri has started the replacement of the old machines, not because no longer efficient nor precise, simply because the new version includes 2 spindles, 2 turrets and a Y axis and because the company’s philosophy is to be slightly better day after day. Fabien Bouduban, the owner, says: “The new machine offers more possibilities, but we’re not in unknown territories, the philosophy, programming and ergonomics are the same. The integration with older models is very easy, people are instantly efficient”.

A winning team
After 12 years, Newemag is still the machine provider for fixed headstock of Tectri and the first customer Tectri worked for is still a customer of the company. This illustrates well the way to work “relations made by Tectri” and we will come back on this in our next issue.

Regarding the BNE-51SY5, Fabien Bouduban emphasizes the following advantages:

  • High precision and repeatability
  • Capability
  • Reliability
  • Ergonomics
  • Runs 24/6
  • Wide number of accessories and
  • Possibility to have “tailor-made” solutions by Newemag

To be continued in Eurotec in September. By the way, if you’d like to receive your personal copy, you can see our subscription page here.

Meanwhile for more information on Miyano machines or precision machining for high tech industries:

Newemag AG
Erlenstrasse 2
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
T: +41 41 798 31 00
F: +41 41 790 10 54……. [email protected]

Precision machining for high-tech industries
Route de Chaluet 17
2738 Court
T +41 32 497 71 71
F +41 32 497 71 70

PS: *Even in large diameters, the company uses oil and no water-based coolant and you’ll learn why!