An evolution with a taste of revolution: the Studer S41

For many years the Studer S40 CNC was THE universal cylindrical grinding machine. More than 1000 of these were sold and it was the king of the machines. The king is officially dead.
Today Studer presented its new S41 universal cylindrical grinding machine to 50 journalists as well as 200 commercial partners from all around the world.

After 20 years of high performance, the S40 is replaced by the S41 (pictures and more info available here tomorrow!)

At the press conference, we discovered that the machine is a logic evolution of a long history of tradition mixed with listening to customers. The aim of the new machine was clearly to improve something that was already the reference on the market. Not an easy task.

Multiple aims
The product description said the machine should be:

  • Even better in precision
  • Even better in quality
  • Even better in reliability
  • Even better in availability

The machine has been tested comprehensively and is better than the product description in every item.

Comprehensively tested
The S41 is dedicated to replace the S40… that is clearly the cash cow of Studer, then the company didn’t want to do any mistake in replacing it. Moreover the aim is to gain market share with this machine, thus being even better in all aspects than the reference on the market.
And to reach this, Studer simply tested ALL, i.e.:

  • 5 years of product development and
  • 18 months of tests

This new machine is available on sales from now on… on the basis of first order – first served. If you’re looking for a universal cylindrical grinding machine and wan to benefit from new standards… do not hesitate to contact Studer today.

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PS: Why the title of this post? Because yes, the machine clearly is an evolution of the old one… but its features and results are so amazing that it is actually a revolution. For instance precision doesn’t mean the same with this machine that can produce with precision of 1/10 of a micron than with the previous one… We’ll go into deeper detail in a further issue of Eurotec.