On-line presence of SMEs (2011)

The document “hints for your SME’s Webcast” gives small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) tips for optimizing their website. More security, reliability and usability makes internet offers of Swiss SMEs even more attractive. The checklist is a joint publication of Federal Office of communications (OFCOM), the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the InfoSurance Association.

Under the title “More security for your customers and more confidence for them”, this publication gives professional advices and examples of best practices. For those who seek for a better online presence, its reading is highly interesting.

This documents exists in French, German and Italian and is available on the Swiss Confederation website here: http://www.kmu.admin.ch/publikationen/02143/index.html?lang=fr

The document is written around essential questions:

  • Is your website modern, consistent and user friendly?
  • Are your texts quick and easy (designed for the web)?
  • Are all the needed information available?
  • Customers info are they appropriately treated (law)?
  • Are the product descriptions clear and complete?
  • Is the e-commerce secure and easy?
  • Are the info regarding laws complete and correct?
  • How do you react to customers questions?
  • How is your address? Does it grasp attention?
  • Is the website stable and quick?
  • Easy to navigate and to find info?
  • Has the website been tested? Is it easily accessed?

I know that sounds dated to speak about basic internet rules, but this documentation really deserve a look. It’s not dedicated to microtechnology, but it is valuable for everyone.


Schall and VDW announce collaboration for Blechexpo

With immediate effect, Blechexpo – the international trade fair for sheet-metal processing – is getting a sponsor. The privately owned trade fair organiser P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, Frickenhausen, and the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt am Main, have announced that the VDW will already be taking over sponsorship for the Blechexpo for the very next event (6 to 9 June 2011).

Blechexpo has been held in Stuttgart every two years since 2007. In the odd-numbered years, it is the largest trade fair for sheet-metal processing in Europe. In June of this year, it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, and has evolved into a top-ranking event.

European and world class event
“We want this uptrend to continue, and are delighted to have acquired a potent ally for swiftly achieving this goal”, says Paul E. Schall, founder and organiser of the Blechexpo. The declared goal of both partners is introduce synergies to progress the internationalization of this successful fair. The aim is to extend joint activities to the European stage. The VDW’s Executive Director Wilfried Schäfer adds: “The VDW as a sectoral organisation will also be contributing its knowledge of the market and the industry, so that we can jointly progress the conceptual underpinning of the Blechexpo.”

Partnership for the future
Within the framework of this collaboration, the VDW’s remit is to identify and evaluate trends of activity sectors. In addition, it will be supporting and reinforcing public relations work and advertising for Blechexpo, as well as organizing attractive supporting events during the fair.

Both partners are looking forward to working together, and anticipate extensive synergies and enhanced momentum for progressing Blechexpo.

Gustav-Werner-Straße 6
72636 Frickenhausen
Phone: +49 7022 9206 673
Fax: +49 7025 9206 625

Rainer Färber
Director Marketing & PR
[email protected]

Tornos Research Center: signed today

After many years of sporadic collaboration, Tornos and the Haute Ecole Suisse Arc Ingénierie [Engineering High School] in St-Imier, Switzerland, have decided to strengthen their already close collaboration by creating the Tornos Research Center. This strategic collaboration between HE-Arc and Tornos will take shape in the Technological Park premises in St-Imier, some thirty kilometres away from the Tornos Headquarters in Moutier.

M. Philippe Jacot, CEO of Tornos  and Ms. Brigitte Bachelard, General Manager of the high School just after the signature and the uncovering of the sign outside the building.

For many years Tornos has worked closely with HE-Arc on various sporadic projects and with success. With the Tornos Research Center, which is a first in our field, Tornos is willing to create intellectual competition between the academic world of HE-Arc and the engineers of the company. This new entity will strengthen the collaboration, not only through carrying out R&D projects, but also by stimulating ideas on strategic roadmaps in terms of technology.

Many benefits
Philippe Jacot says: “Tornos is, and has always been, a technological leader. To maintain our position, we need the experience of our engineers but also the academic wealth that HE-Arc can offer us; HE-Arc will allow us to access new technologies. HE-Arc assumes an interesting position in this collaboration, as the collaboration enables the school to be brought into alignment with the realities of industry”.

At the heart of microtechnology
HE-Arc and Tornos are in the same region; they share the same history, the same interests and the same dynamism drives them. The sliding headstock machine was developed over a century ago in this setting. So, it is essential for Tornos activities to continue to develop this breeding ground that promotes innovation and forms the basis of the culture of precision.
The engineering school is in this region due to its sector of activity, which is heavily aimed at micromechanics. Tornos plays an integral part in this industrial sector.

Advantages for Tornos customers
Philippe Jacot: “We have clear objectives: we want our machines to be accessed and used more easily, and we want to make them more powerful by using technologies that have been adapted and, in particular, can be adapted to our field of activity. In the long term, we are going to work on mechanical design, machining processes, advanced control and mechatronics as well as modelling and simulation. Through TRC, we want to prepare for the future as our field of activity still has numerous challenges to overcome”.

The first projects are on their way…

For more information
Brice Renggli
Marketing And Competitive Intelligence Manager
Rue Industrielle 111
CH-2740  Moutier
T: +41 (0)32 494 46 86
F: +41 (0)32 494 49 03
[email protected]

Changes at Körber Schleifring board

Stephan Nell, Chairman of the Studer AG management board, has changed to the management board of Körber Schleifring GmbH with effect from February 1st, 2011.

He will take on responsibility for sales, marketing and service for the whole division. His successor as chairman of the Studer management board will be Michael Horn, who has already been a member of this board since 2007. Peter Weber, Managing Director of Schaudt Mikrosa GmbH, will also take on responsibility for sales and service at Studer.

Studer recently launched its new S41, to discover more about it:
High-precision, super-fast and extremely cost-effective

An evolution with a taste of revolution: the Studer S41

We will come back on this new product in a further issue of Eurotec.

Körber Schleifring GmbH
Nagelsweg 33-35 | 20097 Hamburg
Fax +49-40-21107-565
[email protected]www.schleifring.net

Ready-to-install linear systems

MISUMI Europa GmbH is constantly adding to its range of linear units. The LX Series now offers a greater choice of standard lengths and two single-axis linear units with parallel mounted motors. The new unit lengths can be used to tap into new markets. The motor assembly also requires less installation space in a longitudinal direction.

MISUMI has expanded its LX-Series product range to include a greater choice of standard lengths: The LX20 now comes in installation lengths of 80, 250 and 300. The LX26 model is now available to order in lengths of 100, 350 and 400 and the LX30 version in a length of 125. The new designs come in installation heights ranging from 20 to 45 mm with spindle pitches between 1 and 20 mm. Like all MISUMI LX linear units, the systems operate with minimum noise and high precision thanks to the use of precision ball screws. All LX linear systems use clean room compatible lubricant. This includes the new single-axis LX30 and LX45 linear units with parallel mounted motors. Up to now an installation length of between 100 and 150 mm had to be factored into the travelling distance; the new LX unit reduces this to a compact 40 mm. The motor flange on the flanged nut housing is designed to accommodate almost any servo or stepper motor on the market.

Long life systems…
Naturally, the new MISUMI components are also available as sealed units, which are particularly suitable for use in harsh environments. All LX-Series units also come with an LTBC-plated base plate and guiding carriage. This extends the life span of the component by protecting against corrosion and reducing friction.

…complete and available quickly
LX-Series linear units from MISUMI are renowned for their impressive rigidity and precision, as well as their compact design. They are compatible with motors from almost every manufacturer and can be ready for dispatch within just 13 days. The LX unit with parallel mounted motor comes with an adapter plate, cover and belt drive. What’s more the belt drive does not need to be self-assembled.

MISUMI Europa GmbH
Katharina-Paulus-Str. 6
65824 Schwalbach/Ts., Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 0
Fax +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 360

LPKF clean room starts operations

LPKF Application Center expands production range. The new clean room in Erlangen, Germany started operations at the end of 2010. LPKF LaserWelding uses it for welding-process evaluations, especially for particularly sensitive plastic products.

Microfluidic systems are tiny magic boxes used to carry out complex analysis or processes in a minimal amount of space. It is also obvious that tiny dust particles can cause serious problems with channels and welding seams only a few micrometers wide. These and other applications benefit from the new LPKF clean room. The clean room complies with cleanness class ISO 5, and is upheld by the laminar flow principle: there is always a slight overpressure in the room maintained by an ultra-clean turbulence-free flow of air. The air leaves the room via slots in the floor and the walls, before being re-filtered and pumped back into the room.
All of the exhaust air from the laser systems permanently installed in the clean room is filtered outside of the room before being discharged. An air-lock with protective clothing ensures that there is no contamination from outside. All of the workplaces within the room are equipped with laminar flow units which further reduce the number of airborne particles in the vicinity of the sensitive microfluidic components.

Smaller, cleaner
The efforts are already having a positive impact says Frank Brunnecker, Vice President Business Unit LaserWelding: “The demand for increasingly precise welding processes continuously motivates our engineers. We have already created welds with a laser focus of only 70 µm, and have developed methods that reliably document the quality of this seam during processing.”
The clean room is already in operation: the laser engineers use it to make microfluidic welds with transparent-transparent joining parts.

LPKF always looking for solutions
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG produces machines and laser systems used in electronics production, medical technology, the automotive industry, and the production of solar panels. Around 20 percent of the workforce is involved in research and development.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG
Plastic Welding Division
Gundstr. 15
D-91056 Erlangen

Marika Nitscher
[email protected]
Tel. +49 (0)9131 61657-17
Fax +49 (0)9131 61657-77

Medtech close-up: The Asia-Pacific Market

Be it that your company has already established a presence in that region or be it that you have plans to enter this growing and promising market: Medtech Switzerland and its co-organizer Ernst & Young have put together an attractive program that will give you a good overview on recent developments, the opportunities as well as the challenges of this market.

Expert presentations, first-hand experience from Swiss entrepreneurs and networking opportunities characterize the program “Medtech close-up: The Asia-Pacific market”. The delegation trip from Tuesday, April 12 – Saturday, April 16 will guide you to the cities of Taipei (Taiwan), Shanghai, Suzhou, and Shenzhen (China). You can find more information here.

Swiss Pavilion
Additionally you might be interested in joining the Swiss Pavilion at the China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF), April 16-19, 2011 in Shenzhen (China). Participate as an exhibitor and showcase your products and services to 66,000 visitors at this largest medtech fair in Asia. Feel the pulse of both Chinese and international medical technology markets and benefit from the trade fair services of Swiss Medtech and  Osec. Please refer to this link for more information.

The delegation trip as well as exhibiting at the CMEF might be combined or attended separately. It is ensured due to the turnkey solution services of Osec that your booth will be ready if you choose to attend the delegation trip before exhibiting at the CMEF.

Medtech Switzerland are looking forward to welcoming you soon at these events.

Medtech Switzerland
Wankdorffeldstrasse 102 – Postfach 261
3000 Bern 22
Tel.: +41 31 335 62 41
Fax: +41 31 335 62 63
[email protected]