New marketing training for SME’s

We all do marketing, sometimes even without knowing it… and sometimes we do not have the backbone structure to help us. The CIP in Tramelan (Switzerland) organizes a 4-day training to help partakers clarify their vision and build actual tools.

The training is based on projects for partakers and will help them answer a lot of questions like:

  • What are our assets?
  • What do I want to communicate?
  • How to prepare the message?
  • Who are my customers and what do they need?
  • Why coming to my shop rather any other one?
  • How to differentiate (or die)?
  • Is my offer a WOW offer?

The new training will give answers to these questions and many more.

At the end of the training partakers are going to own a targeted project they can use on theirs markets.

It’s practical marketing, simply set up, without heavy theories…

Seems highly valuable.

The training will take place in French and you can download all the necessary information here:

Pierre-Yves Kohler


EPHJ/EPMT beats all attendance records!

With yet another increase in the number of visitors and around 600 exhibitors, the EPHJ-EPMT/SMT fair has beaten all records and the organizers states it looks all set for a promising future.

As the doors close on the 2011 edition of the EPHJ-EPMT fair, the organizers are concluding an extremely positive note. “The number of exhibitors is up significantly at around 600”, explains Olivier Saenger. “Likewise, attendance figures have also grown in 2011. It all goes to show the escalating success of our event over the last 10 years.”

Dedicated to “small and precise”
And this success confirms the position of EPHJ-EPMT/SMT as a very important trade fair in Switzerland, embracing national and international expertise in the professional environment of fine watchmaking, microtechnologies and state-of-the-art medical technologies. The Pavilion allocated to Medtech has made it possible to gather together top-quality partners in order to showcase their know-how, and some very promising technological developments. The field looks all set to expand in upcoming editions. The number of daily Forums and Conferences were well attended by a large number of conference-goers drawn to the event by a full programme, the quality of the contributors and the pertinence of the topics addressed.

New step to go further
The next edition of EPHJ-EPMT/SMT will therefore take place at Palexpo Geneva, from 5th to 8th June 2012. Over half the exhibitors at the 2011 edition of the Fair have already promised to participate in Geneva in 2012 by renewing their contracts. Such is the case, in particular with the Jura and Franche-Comté regions, both of whom have confirmed their presence at their collective stands, representing together a large number of exhibitors. Statistics have thus risen to a record level never seen before at previous fairs. Yet more proof of the event’s strong reputation and the participants’ loyalty and adhesion to their very own EPHJ-EPMT/SMT fair!

The EPHJ-EPMT/SMT Fair Committee (André Colard – Olivier Saenger – Edouard Debétaz) is eager to carry on the success of the event in Geneva’s Palexpo in 2012!

Competences’ widening

The new Recomatic compact finishing center reduces the gap between grinding or milling machining centers and finishing centers and brings more machining possibilities and more flexibility to its users. In expanding the scope of a finishing machine, Recomatic offers the result of nearly three years of work to the market. Meeting with Mr. Rérat, technical director.

At the EPHJ show, many people were impressed by the compactness of the machine as well as by its capacities.

Equipped with a 12 positions tools changer, an integrated 4 positions grinding wheels sharpening system and two swiveling abrasive tape systems, this new finishing centre aims to complete complex parts in one clamping. With a philosophy close to the one of a milling centre, this new machine has many assets to guarantee quality of produced parts in one clamping with short cycle times. It ensures optimized parts, grinding wheels and chips managements.

Advanced features
With its synchronous motorspindle working up to 12’000 min-1, the CT500 centre combines very short time from chip to chip thanks to the dynamics of its spindle technology. This technology also enables better management of speeds, feed rates and torque to ensure perfect machining. The Yerly part clamping system is positioned in zero reference with an accuracy of 2 microns and accepts different chucks for simple and quick changeovers. The integrated system to sharpen grinding wheels includes up to four pre-set tools to rapid change. Using “simple” inserts tools, this system is very flexible. Machining with strips of paper also shows an important innovation since the bands can be swiveled at 90 ° to allow optimal finishing senses.

The possible machining operations

  • 3D measure
  • Grinding between horns
  • Shape grinding
  • Angle grinding
  • 5 axes grinding
  • Profiles grinding
  • Drilling and engraving
  • Milling
  • Sand paper machining

First deliveries
Presented as world premiere in Switzerland at the EPHJ show, the CT500 centre is available for sale from this fall and the first deliveries are scheduled for early 2012. Mr. Rérat says: “The machine created a high level of interest, especially in watchmaking, jewellery, telephony, and medical. Our production capacity currently allows us quite short deadlines, but we rely greatly on delivery of components”. For this reason, deliveries of the first machines still available for sale this year will probably take place early 2012

Recomatic SA
Rue des Marronniers 1G
Case postale 17
2905 Courtedoux
Tel + 41 32 465 70 10
Fax + 41 32 466 43 51
[email protected]

We will go into deeper details of this new way to work and finish parts in our next issue of Eurotec, don’t miss it! Meanwhile you can contact the company at the address here above. Seems that there won’t be enough machines to cope with demands…

Two days left to visit EPHJ/EPMT

The organisers may already congratulate themselves on the statistics and can start celebrating in style the 10th anniversary of EPHJ (Watchmaking-Jewellery) and the 5th edition ofEPMT (Microtechnologies). Since its creation in 2002, the trade fair has continued to expand unabated. More than 11,000 visitors are expected to attend for a record number of nearly 600 exhibitors, including around 20% hailing from abroad.

Olivier Saenger (left) and André Colard –  founders of the shows at the press conference.

The show started well and exhibitors were satisfied with their visitors after two days (even after the first day in fact). For watch industry, this event is really the only one of its kind and this is highly appreciated by both exhibitors and visitors.
If you are active in microtechnology and interested in learning about new solutions to help you produce or assemble better, a visit there would be highly beneficial.

Special anniversary
This 10th anniversary also marks the end of the collaboration with Beaulieu Lausanne. As of 2012, the EPHJ-EPMT/SMT trade fair will take place at Palexpo Geneva.  The organisators say: “On our side, we are serene and focused on our main objective: the satisfaction of our exhibitors and visitors, so that this event which we have worked on building up together remains stronger than the desires of any particular individuals, and so that the future of our trade fair is developed under the best possible conditions as of 2012 at Palexpo Geneva”.

First feedbacks on the booths
Obviously this move in the exhibition’s landscape of Switzerland is one of the “hot topic” of the show these days. Mainly there are two point of views that I’ve been able to gather.

  • First the one of people having grown with EPHJ/EPMT that will just benefit from the new location (better access, better parking, better repartition of booths on a same floor, better air conditioning to say a few ones) and have already decided to carry on the adventure with EPHJ/EPMT.
  • And there are the other group that would like to wait and see what will happen between EPHJ/EPMT and a possible new trade show in Lausanne. I’ve heard quite often that they would probably participate in Siams only in 2012 and visit the two other shows to have a better idea on their future policy.

It’s nevertheless not the main topic on the show! The main topic is just doing business and that works well!

I’ll post more news as soon as available on the new developments of this situation.

Pierre-Yves  –

Delcam launches multi-lingual CAM learning zone

Delcam has launched a multi-lingual learning zone for the 2011 version of its PowerMILL CAM system for five-axis and high-speed machining. This includes full details on the new release, including What’s-New videos from expert Application Engineers and customer testimonials.  The learning zone can be found at

PowerMILL 2011 makes the programming of fast, yet safe, toolpaths easier than ever.

The languages included on the learning zone reflect the range of languages in which PowerMILL is available. These are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Czech.  The site also includes links to Delcam’s international reseller network so that visitors can contact their local representative for further information or to request an evaluation copy.

More efficient
PowerMILL 2011 takes full advantage of all the recent hardware developments to give exceptionally fast calculation times. It incorporates support for 64-bit computers, so allowing more efficient toolpath generation, especially for companies machining large or complex parts.  It also offers background processing, with multi-threading technologies applied to both the foreground and background calculations simultaneously.  This unique combination of these two developments is estimated to reduce calculation times by up to 25%.

Many enhancements
The 2011 release of PowerMILL makes the programming of fast yet safe toolpaths easier than ever thanks to new stock-model-engagement options that protect both the cutting tool and the machine from excessive loading.  Other enhancements include new editing capabilities to simplify the machining of duplicate items; more versatile control of feed-rates for leads and links; and extra functionality for sketching, plus the completion of the move to the new clearer forms for the complete range of strategies.

For further information on Delcam’s PowerMILL software, please contact:
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 0121 683 1081
[email protected]

Delcam plc
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK


Watchmaking: a revolution at the heart of quality control at EPHJ

World premiere presentation by EPFL and Savoie University of a mechanism devised by a synergy of partners to resolve the problem of consistency in quality control.

Visual perfection is one of the key attributes of any luxury item. To this day, visual inspection is a task that comes down to the keen eye of experts in beauty. Thus, in the world of high-end luxury and cosmetic beauty, there are as many definitions of beauty as there are subjective criteria for judgment, since every brand lays down its own standards that go towards establishing its own individual style. It is the expert’s task to determine whether a batch considered good, or merely acceptable, whether a satin-finish is deemed sufficiently shiny, or whether a Côtes de Genève motif is seen as a true reflection of the brand’s ethos? The answers to this quest for excellence will vary from one brand to the next and they are now delivered by experts whose eyes and powers of concentration are put to their sternest test.

A tool to help expert’s eyes (and others)
The fallible nature of the human eye, depending on the time of day and cumulative tiredness, can cause inconsistencies in the systematic determination of minor anomalies, or varying degrees of severity in the appraisal of the “inspector”, the visiting specialist in charge of quality control. “Our apparatus is used to measure whether the expert always says the same thing”, explains Professor Jacques Jacot, manager of the project conducted within EPFL’s Microtechnology Production Laboratory (MPL), adding that the device can also be programmed according to subjective, personalisable criteria. This strange machine comprises a small tower, atop which a camera sits, and finally a whole series of adjustable LEDs for lighting. Although it has yet to acquire its ultimate aesthetic form (Asyril and Qualimatest, the two parts manufacturers involved in the project will undoubtedly find the solution), this ultra-perfectionist visual inspection system looks to be full of promise, and not just for the watchmaking sector.

This can be discovered at EPHJ from tomorrow!

On the same subject, you can read the article about the Alicona 3D measuring system recently presented in Eurotec here.

Do not miss to pay us a visit on our booth if you go there.

Pierre-Yves Kohler

The European Forum for the Orthopaedics Industry

Following last year’s enormous success – with the participation of 900 decision-makers from 23 countries – UBM Canon is mounting the second edition of OrthoTec Europe, the comprehensive exhibition and conference for design and manufacturing professionals in orthopaedic devices.

Acknowledging Switzerland’s importance as a European centre for orthopaedic production and development, the organisers have again chosen the Mövenpick Hotel in Zürich-Regensdorf as the venue. Besides offering the advantage of a short travelling time for exhibitors from neighbouring France, Germany and Italy, this central European location is also popular with other European and overseas companies from countries like the UK, Spain, Russia, USA and Brazil.

A very targeret event…
OrthoTec Europe is specially tailored to meet the needs of the European orthopaedics sector in development, design and manufacture. Subcontractors and suppliers are therefore just as strongly represented as manufacturers of orthopaedic devices. The organisers also expect participants from consultancies and institutes offering expert advice to European companies on how to fulfil admission requirements for attractive overseas markets like the USA and emerging countries with strong growth potential.

..with an exhibition and…
Aurore Domange, Events Manager for the organisers UBM Canon, explains: “The exhibition is an ideal opportunity both to showcase the most innovative technologies and to make useful contacts with other decision-makers from the industry in a convivial atmosphere. We offer exhibitors a very favourable package comprising a standard 3 x 2 m exhibition stand with partitions, carpeting, reception counter and lighting, with opportunities for variable stand design and sponsor exposure.”
Exhibitors at OrthoTec Europe 2011 will showcase the latest state-of-the-art systems in development, design and rapid prototyping. Also on show will be biomaterials, technologies and services in the processing of metals and plastics, as well as polishing, finishing and packaging technologies.

Complementing the exhibition will be a conference with expert speakers delivering papers on market developments in orthopaedics, new manufacturing technologies, quality control, and numerous aspects of the design and construction of orthopaedic devices and implants. These will include lectures on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Global Orthopaedics Industry” and “The Current State of Research in Biomaterials and Implant Technology“. There will also be talks on “Advanced Manufacturing Processes in Orthopaedic Implants” and “Potential Drivers of Future Growth in Orthopaedics“.

The OrthoTec Europe combined exhibition and conference takes place on 28th and 29th September in Zurich

If you are interested in participating, please contact:
Aurore Domange
132 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
F-75010 Paris
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 77 48 10 02
[email protected]