Countdown to 6 spindles 14 mm NC machine’s launch

If the EMO is usually the place where companies launch their products, it is quite rare to discover a product that changes the way we see machining. Most of the time there are new machines a little bit more so and so or with enhanced so and so to be discovered. At the next EMO, Tornos will launch a product that will probably be seen as a real new way to machine.

The company has launched a microwebsite dedicated to this new machine: There is not a lot of information on it, mainly a countdown to the launch and a movie to make people see that the machine is really different than all what is known on the market.

A few insights
Under the slogan “Jump to the future of Turning uncovered in XX days” the company unveil the MultiSwiss 6×14. According to the company’s head of marketing and spokesperson M. Renggli, the machine is a NC 6 spindles machine of capacity up to 14 mm with advanced characteristics as never seen on the market.
It is too early to know a lot about the machine, what we’ve been able to gather as of today is:

  • The machine has the same footprint as a single spindle of equivalent capacity (but with 6 (!) spindles)
  • Spindles are hydrostatic
  • It is the first multispindle with sliding heads
  • The machine has a level of integration never seen before
  • Several machines have been tested for months by selected customers and it seems the results exceed expectations

I discussed with people at Tornos and they have a complete communication program based on the results of their test machines. They want to be sure we publish validated information only.

What I’ve seen is a huge “company commitment” to this new machine, people working there are sure they hold THE next step of evolution in multispindle machining.
You can make your own opinion going to the microsite here:

I’ll keep you posted as soon as news will be available.


A new development at Dixi : 1 tool = 3 operations

Dixi Polytool SA offers various options for internal micro threads. Dixi has in stock complete ranges of whirling tools, micro taps, micro thread formers as well as thread mills. With the launch of the new series of Dixi 1740 drilling thread whirlers, Dixi steps ahead with a new option for its customers’ needs.

Daily, Dixi’s customers face smaller and smaller series coupled with shorter delivery terms. Therefore the company’s R&D department has focused on defining a tool able to assure a process reliability, a high productivity and perfect shapes of threads.
A combined tool has been developed allowing the replacement of the traditional drilling operation by a milling through circular interpolation in parallel to the machining of the thread.

Combined tool
Dixi engineers conceived a combined tool allowing the replacement of the drilling operation by a milling through circular interpolation in parallel to a thread milling. This technique breaks the chips avoiding any filling. In addition, cutting forces are much lower in comparison to traditional drilling.
A very serious development was made to optimize the geometry. This new tool is now available to machine at 2 or 3xD in most difficult to machine materials as for example titanium alloys, stainless steel or CrCo alloys. Their tool life is very similar to whirling tools but the process is much shorter…

High quality machining
The reduction of the cycle time and the elimination of the traditional drilling process are not the only advantages: due to very low cutting forces, the tool can machine very large thread dimensions on machines with a low spindle power. One can also machine threads on inclinated surfaces.
Dixi Polytool went even a step further: in addition an important frontal chamfer has been added. This allows chamfering of the drilled holes and reinforces the resistance of the frontal cutting edge. The cutting forces are directed towards the spindle axis in order to limit any vibration during the circular interpolation.

Dixi Polytool S.A.
37 av. du Technicum
CH – 2400 Le Locle
Tel +4132.933.51.22
Fax +4132.931.89.16
[email protected]


Midest 2011 – environment and new technologies

The 41st Midest, the industrial subcontracting show, will take place from 15th to 18th November at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre and it will open against a background that mixes concerns (consequences of the ending of the scrappage scheme, rising raw materials prices, Japanese disaster) with real reasons for hope (economic recovery, support measures in a range of countries, development of new channels…).


To meet the current challenges, Midest is launching new initiatives to help subcontractors at the show and throughout the year; and, amongst other developments, the 2011 show will benefit from the following five new features:

  • the launch of the b2fair business meetings
  • a range of wood processing solutions
  • the creation of an Environment & Services Village
  • the launch of a Partnership/Alliance Award
  • and an enhanced web presence exploiting a series of social networking tools (Twitter, Viadeo hub…) in order to raise the show’s profile.

Midest 2011, reflecting the economic recovery
Midest 2011 should continue to profit from the recovery observed in 2010. Last year the show recorded a 3% increase in space and a 1.5% increase in exhibitor numbers. There were almost 1,750 exhibitors, 40% of whom were from outside France and who were drawn from some forty countries. Mid-way to the next show, booking levels are looking good, with over 60% of the space already reserved.

Midest, a year round source of subcontracting information via the Internet
Midest is expanding its field of action and the range of its communications beyond the four days of the event itself, important though they are. Over time, its web site,, has become a year round sector platform. A vital sourcing tool, it allows professionals to access a broad array of information on a daily basis. Every Friday, they can also read an online review of the subcontracting press that summarizes with one click all the week’s news (in French). They can also watch interviews, view the latest studies carried out in the sector, the monthly economic reports from the Ministry of Industry, take a look back at 40 years of industry…

Twitter, Viadeo and more
In 2011, Midest will be using Twitter to reach out directly and on a daily basis to surfers and to provide them with key industry and subcontracting news.  Go here!/MidestParis
A Midest hub is currently being launched on Viadeo and is already a real success, with visitors being invited to comment on and discuss the news.

Further initiatives that are currently under development will be launched over the coming weeks and we will publish links on Eurotec’s website as soon as available.
This is interesting to see a large and well established show using these “new tools” in the industry and we will keep you posted.


By the way, if you’re active in subcontracting and interested in doing business in France and in Europe,  it’s not too late to book a stand at the event. You can do that here.

4 days to think how to act on the market

We all do marketing, sometimes even without knowing it… and sometimes we would like to have a backbone structure to help us. The CIP in Tramelan (Switzerland) organizes a 4-day training to help partakers clarify their vision and build actual tools. This training will take place in French.

The training is based on projects for partakers and will help them answer a lot of questions like:

  • What are our assets?
  • What is the DNA of my company?
  • What do I want to communicate?
  • How to prepare the message?
  • Who are my customers and what do they need?
  • Why coming to my shop (or buying my products) rather any other one?
  • How to differentiate (or die)?
  • Is my offer a WOW offer?

The new training will give answers to these questions and many more.

At the end of the training partakers are going to own a targeted project they can use on theirs markets.

It’s practical marketing, simply set up, without heavy theories…

Seems highly valuable.

The training will take place in French and you can download all the necessary information here:

Pierre-Yves Kohler

EMO Hannover 2011 presents “More than Machine Tools”

Leading international trade show offers solutions for the manufacturing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Machine tools play an important role in countless aspects of everyday life, contributing to the things we eat, the homes we live in, the clothes we wear, the healthcare we enjoy as well mobility, education, raw materials production, power generation, the exchange of information and communication. Foods, building materials, textiles, medical devices, vehicles and conveying systems, printed matter, natural resources, electricity, the Internet and mobile phones – all of these and much more are made possible with the aid of machine tools, either directly or indirectly. Machines tools are essential to manufacturing high-quality industrial products with the least possible impact and at the lowest possible cost.

Machine tools’ results in everyday life
The major contribution made by machine tools will be more than evident at EMO Hannover 2011. At the largest industry forum for metalworking from 19 to 24 September 2011, manufacturing technology vendors and solutions providers from around the world will be out in force to present their solutions to current and future challenges in the industry. “Machine tools contribute substantially to determining whether new products can even be made, what they will look like and how much they cost,” explains Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Executive Director at the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW).

Machine tools as a tool to help countries
Many countries have recognized the key role played by the machine tool industry and the significance of high performance manufacturing technology for increasing and updating industrial competitiveness. They therefore promote the development of their domestic machine tool industry or boost imports of cutting-edge technology from established producer countries. Competition in the international machine tool market is very strong. This is also reflected in the fact that exhibitors from more than 40 countries will again take part in EMO Hannover 2011.

Added value
“However, new technical solutions alone are not enough today,” Wilfried Schäfer pointed out. Technical products and services are becoming more and more alike. Finding a way to stand out is becoming more and more essential. Schäfer: “Machine tool suppliers are increasingly interested in showing what it is they offer ‘more’ than the competition, both in terms of machinery and related services which can help users to meet their manufacturing challenges.” This will be reflected in the exhibits at EMO Hannover 2011.

Global markets seek sustainability in industrial manufacturing
EMO Hannover 2011 focuses on sustainability and resource efficiency because machine tools are a key to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. This is especially important for the growing economies of Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, as well as established industrial nations. The machine tool industry is working hard to develop products and processes that allow machines to be designed, produced and operated sustainably. Reducing energy consumption by introducing new drive concepts, extending dry machining to other processes, using alternative cooling techniques and reducing emissions are at the center of today’s concerns. Machine and process efficiency, service and sustainability are key topics at EMO Hannover 2011.

We will come back on EMO again and again before this unique event!

To sell a first machine is “easy”…

Sales of investment goods is never really simple, neither for new nor for second hand. In both cases, the sale of the second machine is conditioned by the performance of the first. In the case of a new machine, it is the brand that is “colored” by the experience with the first purchase. In the case of second-hand deals, it is the image of the company who made the sale which is affected. Meeting with Mr. Frank Délétraz, Director of RD Machine-Outils (France).

To “new machines actors”, there are two ways to see the second-hand market, either as competitor or as partner that maintains their brand image. Mr. Délétraz says: “After 10 years, a Tornos machine  is always a Tornos (Mr. Délétraz spoke about Tornos, but the comment is valid for many other brands) which is still valuable. It cannot replace an investment in new technology for a client, but it can always “make money” in the hands of its future users”. No matter how manufacturers perceive this activity positively or negatively, machines are to be found on the second-hand market. As an actor specialized in this field, RD Machine-Outils makes business all around the world and offers an alternative to the persons wishing to acquire a means of production.

22 years to the service of markets
Over the years, the way to look at second-hand business has largely evolved and RD Machine-Outils is certainly one of the actors of this change. The company has grown on a basis of transparence and quality. Mr. Délétraz says: “Our goal is to satisfy our customers and our future depends on this satisfaction. If clients are satisfied, they are likely to come back when needs arise, for us it is our best reward”. A new business is booming for RD Machine-Outils; second-hand equipment and accessories. Mr. Délétraz says: “This activity is fully complementary and allows us to satisfy our customers even more “.

A very professional approach
The process of purchasing a second-hand machine looks more and more like the one of purchasing a new machine. Professionals present their technical and commercial requirements and vendor respond. Where the difference is obvious,  is in term of reactivity. For instance during my visit, Mr. Délétraz received a request from a potential customer from Germany. After a few minutes a meeting was set up for the customer to come the day after to see the machine… regarding the delivery, I don’t know, but perhaps already two days later! Unbeatable reactivity!
Another element of differentiation is the globalization of the offered service. Which amongst the machines manufacturer can boast of having a website in eight languages? RD Machine-Outils has done it.

Doing business
To make a deal, the offer must meet the demand and this is the strength of RD Machine-Outils. The company can offer tailor-made solutions to its customers based on his broad stock. At the very moment the customer has a problem, RD Machine-Outils certainly has an available solution.

Its stock is updated online on Do not hesitate to visit it and to bookmark it, good deals don’t wait.

RD Machines-Outils SAS
77 allée de l’industrie
Aux Tuileries
F-74130 – Contamine sur Arve
Tel : +33 4 50 03 90 77
Fax : +33 4 50 03 66 79
[email protected]

We will go into deeper details of RD Machines-Outils and the business of second-hand machines in our next issue. Don’t miss it.

Three optical 3D measurement systems dedicated to cutting tool measurements

From September 19 to 24 Alicona will present three measurement systems dedicated to cutting tool measurements at EMO Hanover.

InfiniteFocus Real3D is an optical 3D micro coordinate measurement system for complete form measurement of cutting edges. Form, contour and roughness are measured in high resolution and out of every perspective.
Users benefit from several functionalities of a coordinate measurement system and of a surface measurement device. The 360° measurement of drills, mills and other tap tools is performed with the standard system InfiniteFocus in combination with the rotation unit.

IF-EdgeMaster is an optical 3D measurement system for automatic cutting edge measurement. The cutting edge measurement device is used in research and in production. Users measure form, radii and chipping of cutting edges. Smallest radii and angles are measured regardless of type, size, material and surface finish. In addition IF-EdgeMaster enables traceable roughness measurement of cutting edges.

The IF-ToolPrecision is a non-contact, automatic 3D tool measurement system for areal based and high resolution measurement of shank tools. The system is optimized to measure taps. It combines all the functionalities of a coordinate measurement machine, a surface measurement device and a contour plus roundness measurement system. Users measure more than 30 parameters throughout the automatic 360° rotation of the tools.

IF-Real3D, IF-Edgemaster and IF-ToolPrecision are area based optical measurement systems of the InfiniteFocus range. The measurement systems of the InfiniteFocus line are roughness and form measurement devices for quality assurance in research and in production. All measurement systems work within the area based technique Focus-Variation.

Alicona Imaging GmbH
Teslastraße 8
8074 Grambach/Graz
Tel. +43 316 4000 700
Fax +43 316 4000 711
[email protected]

In Switzerland:
Microcube Sàrl
Route du Bois-Genoud 1A
CH-1023 Crissier
Tél. +41 21 635 82 20
Fax +41 21 635 82 21
[email protected]

In France:
Alicona SARL
11 rue de Savoie
91940 Les Ulis
Tel. +33 1 69 86 91 37
Email : [email protected]

We recently published a story about Alicona and their way to improve measure. You can download it here or read it online here.