Willemin-Macodel at EMO: robustness and new machines

Parts manufacturers face challenges that seem contradictory; on one hand they must produce shorter and shorter batches. On the other they must manufacture as automatically as possible and at minimum costs. A manufacturer of milling and turning centers pulls out in this complex equation. Meeting at Willemin-Macodel SA with MM Patrick Haegeli, director and Denis Jeannerat, technical director.

“We do not only sell products with advanced features, but the whole of a process and our ability to guarantee it” says Mr. Haegeli. Nevertheless machines do actually have advanced features.

Premieres at EMO
Willemin-Macodel will present many innovations in world premiere at EMO 2011

  • 408MT and 508MT evolutions. Improved performances in mixed turning-milling machining are possible by the increase of the machines dynamics and upgraded capacity of chips removal in turning.
  • 5 axis 408S2 machining centres. The architecture of the machine includes a combined vertical spindle with a double dividing head including turning capabilities up to 4,000 rpm.
  • The 508S machining center piloted by an Heidenhain numerical control is dedicated to 5 axes simultaneous machining and is equipped with all automation functions.
  • The 518MT machining center presents a complete evolution in its feed systems, notably with rotary axes equipped with torque motor. This brings the whole a high dynamic, high-precision and high chips removal capacity.

Willemin-Macodel develops its machines based on some key features

  • High static and dynamic rigidities
  • optimal quality construction
  • starting from the customers’ need
  • relying on proven machine bases
  • bringing more flexibility
  • and managing peripherals

We will go into details of all these key features in Eurotec’s next issue

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