“Blue Competence®” for machine-tools

The optimization of energy efficiency and resources’ exploitation play an increasing role in the design of machine tools and industrial production. Indeed, energy becomes more expensive and resources are becoming scarce. For more than two years, the German Association of machine tools manufacturers VDW (Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken) looks very intensively on the issue and will communicate largely at EMO.

Interest in the topic was triggered first by the activities of the EU in the EuP directive. The European Commission aims to implement enforcement measures to exploit the potentials of energy saving in the machine tools industry. Active collaboration and constructive suggestions for the machine tools industry have brought first adjustments of the study.

What are the goals of Blue Competence®

  • To establish enhanced awareness for sustainable manufacturing technology.
  • To synergise activities of the research and business communities aimed at sustainability and efficiency in industrial applications.
  • To foster the development of eco-friendly manufacturing technology by utilising energy-economical subsystems and components.
  • To develop up-to-the-future evaluation standards for sustainability in manufacturing technology.
  • To provide guidelines for energy-saving operation of machine tools.
  • To conduct the dialogue on sustainable manufacturing technology with customers and vendors.

A common brand facilitates public relations
The “Blue Competence” campaign helps the machine tools industry to position itself toward politics and the public. Explicit requirements on technical and organizational levels relating to ecological thought and action in the company allow partners companies members of the association to benefit from this brand. Due to the multiple interactions between the machine tools industry and other sectors of the mechanical engineering who face the same challenges, the VDW also believe that it is advisable that the sector speaks in unison. By mid-2011, Blue Competence will be a brand synonymous of sustainable technology for the economy, the environment and society for the whole metalworking industry.

To be discovered more in detail
To learn more, don’t miss the “sustainable production” congress to be held at the EMO from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on September 20 and 21. In addition a booth of over 200 m2 will already present many “Blue Competence®” labeled machines (Hall 16, booth E04). We will publish a list of these manufacturer in a further post.



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