Pemamo technology …but vertical!

For companies active in high precision honing, the technology offered by Pemamo is recognized worldwide. The concept of continuous expansion of the tools, the possibilities for adjustment to the tenth of a micron and very high repeatability of the well known beige and brown machines were however not available for some types of parts non-feasible in horizontal position.

Since this year’s EMO, Pemamo offers with the MVRL 160 a new solution of vertical honing that completes its product range. Simultaneously the company changes the colors of its machines, its logo, its building and even its name. We’ve met with Mr. Alain Grimm, CEO and Reto Decker, Sales manager to receive more details on this year’s important changes for the company  (in this first post we mainly present the new machine).

Main assets of the MVRL 160

  • Vertical machine
  • Compact and modular
  • Clean and efficient design
  • Ideal working ergonomics
  • Pemamo technology for everyone
  • Complete service

(we will detail every of these assets in our next issue)

Characteristics of the MVRL 160

  • Presentation: EMO 2011
  • Delivery time: 3, 4 months, first machines early 2012
  • Working diameter: from 1.5 to 20 mm (for bigger Ø, please consult the manufacturer)
  • Spindles: synchronous motor, speed from 50 to 8’000 t/min
  • Torque: 11 Nm up to 4’000 t/min
  • Part weight max: 100 kg
  • Stroke max: 350 mm
  • Honing depth max.: 200 mm
  • Slides max acceleration:26 m/s2 frequency: 1-500 moves per minute
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • Floor space: 1.7 m2 (40% less than an equivalent machine in horizontal)

To be discovered at EMO, Hall 11, booth D71.
We will post more information about the company’s changes (name, logo, building and more) in a further post.

Pemamo SA
Chemin de Prapion 3
2520 La Neuveville
Tél. 0041 32 751 44 55
Fax 0041 32 751 54 68
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