Productivity in motion @ EMO

Emissa is recognized for its innovative machining solutions and the company will take advantages of this year’s EMO to exhibit several of its concepts. Overview.

WinFlex Turn
Is a 15 axes high precision multi bar turning machine working with 3 bars simultaneously. The machine will be exhibited with its dedicated bar loader and will produce a part that includes gear cutting. Machining of the second side is performed in hidden time. A total of 6 pieces are executed simultaneously. This development and its resulting high productivity have been made possible using the new multi patented Pibomulti’s tool holder system for turning and machining tools. The machine also includes thread whirling and Torx milling devices.

Speed Tool Super Magnum
Is a vertical lathe dedicated to vertical and horizontal machining. It is a 4 axes machine for micromechanics. Speed Tool Super Magnum is equipped with a multispindle head including 10 alternated spindles (22’000 t/min) and a support for 4 turning tools mounted vertically. Other strengths: the high speed (40’000 t/min) Fischer spindle with HSK32E attachment and the tools changer (30 tools or more in vertical). Speed Tool Super Magnum is equipped with cooling pump and filter and is also appropriate for machining of precious metals.

Twin Turn 250
The latest development of Emissa SA is the Twin Turn 250 machine which has recently won the innovation prize at industry Lyon 2011. Also based on a new concept, this machine is designed for very high production by turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. This two-spindle vertical machine works with billets. Thanks to the new turning tool holders developed by Pibomulti (patented system); it is possible to work on 2 spindles simultaneously with a single digital axis. These Piboturn tool holders present the particularity to be pre-set on a pre-setting device or on the machine in a very simple way and with high accuracy in the scale of the micron.

These innovations will be visible on the D33 booth in Hall 27.

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