More automation, precision and performance

During the EMO Schaublin machines will present a new image with new colors of machines and even a new logo. However it is not to hide a lack of innovation, but on the contrary for strengthening its effects.

Schaublin is certainly one of the most known brands in the world of machine tool, but not everyone knows that the company is still active at the forefront of technology. At the EMO in Hanover, visitors will be able to discover two new machines as world première as well as the 137 turning center whose first deliveries have begun this year.

137-11AX high precision turning centre
For the first time, this production centre will be presented with all of its peripherals. This true integrated solution of high production was unveiled at the last EMO and the first machines are in production for customers since 2011. They emphasize the machine strengths in terms of accuracy and power while enjoying its compactness.

136-7AX-Y high precision turning centre
This production centre is build on the same strengths of the 137 kinematics (high rigidity, modularity of components, stability, precision) while providing a more simple version as the machine has a single turret and not two as on the 137. This machine meets a very important need of machining on the market and will allow users of Schaublin old 140 machines to finally have a modern alternative.

102 TM-CNC high precision lathe in “fully integrated” version
For the first time a manufacturer presents a fully integrated machining solution in this range of diameters as the recommended ideal turning diameter is 20 mm maximum. On the basis of a 102 TM-CNC lathe the manufacturer has built a complete solution including a robot for loading and unloading in pallets. It can also return the parts for machining of both sides. Genuine autonomous system to complete parts, the 102 TM-CNC robotized lathe require minimum floor space.

New colors, new logo, new image
When asked about this evolution, M. Muster says: “Schaublin is still too often seen as a brand of the past, our long history is such that present is a little put aside. Schaublin innovates continually and we wanted to present ourselves with more impact”. The fact that the company had also models of at least three different colors for historical reasons was not helping in the construction of a clear picture. It is now corrected and Schaublin Machines SA presents itself under a new light.

Professionals wanted
To deal with the growth of its activities the Swiss company is looking for professionals. In case of interest thank you to send the usual information to Ms. Stéphanie Tinguely at the address mentioned below.
Wanted persons:

  • Mechanics assemblers
  • Electricians
  • Dealers/technicians

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