The alternative to classical high precision turning

Esco S.A. will participate at the EMO 2011 and exhibit its Escomatic high precision turning machines working according to the unique concept of rotary tools and coil fed. This technique still allows the company to be leader in the manufacture of parts for large volumes when productivity and price are determining factors.

As in the previous edition, the Escomatic booth will be shared with Affolter Technologies S.A. to illustrate the successfully developed collaboration (for 3 years) in the integration of digital controls on part of Esco’s product range.

Escomatic EC 08
Visitors will discover the Escomatic EC 08 range. This lathe which shows a gratifying development of sales offers a capacity up to 8 mm and a level of rigidity which allows machining hardly achieved until then on Escomatic. The machine can be modularly configured from the simple “turning” version up to the full version for machining front, transverse and rear with a counter spindle and, according to the habit in Esco, powered high-speed tools. This machine offers the combination of stiffness with recognized high productivity of the Escomatic principle, to machine larger diameters in all difficult materials recently arrived on the market.

Escomatic D2 CNC
At the other end of the range in terms of diameters, the Escomatic D2 CNC machine will also be on the 2011 booth. The success of this machine is confirmed and the addition of an Affolter digital control on the legendary D2 machine as well as the increase of spindle speed up to 12,000 rpm allowed the realization of a CNC machine faster than the mechanical version. Intuitive programming of the numerical control facilitates ownership by all operators, even by those who have not been trained in conventional programming.

Escomatic D5 CNC Ultra
Between these two sides we discover the 2011 novelty which will be presented for the first time to the public: an Escomatic D5 CNC Ultra. Based on an Escomatic D2 CNC this machine offers a lot in addition to turning. This on the same principle that users can know about an Escomatic New Mach 64x. It is possible to machine simultaneously the front of the part with 3 axial spindles, then after the cut, the rear of the part can be machined with 2 axial and 1 cross spindle. With 12’000 rpm for turning and HF spindles up to 18,000 rpm, this new machine will offer the perfect combination of the turning performance of the D2 CNC with high-performance back operations.

To be discovered on Hall 16, booth A14.

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