A new, radically different concept

With the launch of the MultiSwiss 6×14, Tornos presents the first numerical sliding headstock multi-spindle machine on the market. Based on the “fully integrated” concept and featuring innovative front access, this new machine is designed with three types of customer in mind: Users of numerical multi-spindle turning machines and cam-operated machines, and single-spindle turning machines.  MultiSwiss is a revolution, it’s the birth of a new product range that makes the link between multispindle and single-spindle lathes. Discussion with M. Martoccia, Product Manager.

At the beginning of 2008, the multi-spindle product department at Tornos put in place an ambitious project with clear objectives.

To create a multi-spindle turning machine with:

  • 14 mm capacity
  • attractive price
  • unrivaled efficiency
  • rapid return on investment.

The machine must also be:

  • reliable
  • flexible
  • accurate
  • easy to use
  • efficient.

Three and a half years later, customers can discover the MultiSwiss 6×14 for themselves at EMO Hannover. Have the points of this basic concept been met?

Specifications met!
“Four machines have been trialled by our customers over several months now and the results demonstrate that the MultiSwiss 6×14 keeps all its promises and matches up well to the specifications that we were given” Mr Martoccia states proudly.

Key elements:

  • new concept (shorter bars, new design and technologies)
  • all inclusive (and well integrated; by the way, same footprint as a single-spindle)
  • precision and heat regulation
  • customised look
  • silent operation
  • integrated PC and ergonomics.

New approach, new advantages
With the MultiSwiss, Tornos is proposing a new approach to working on multispindle turning machines and the first customers to use this new machine have been very positive. Mr. Martoccia compares the arrival of this machine with the launch of the first Deco machines in 1996: it’s innovative, efficient, attractive, ergonomic and at a very affordable price.

The machine will be shown at EMO and the first deliveries are scheduled for October this year.

Further information:
Rocco Martoccia
Tornos SA
Tel. +41 32 494 44 44
[email protected]

As previously announced, the company has launched a microwebsite dedicated to this new machine: www.multiswiss.info.


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  1. I just saw it…. Is the most intelligent and beautiful machine I’ve ever seen.
    I can’t wait to have mine.
    Congratulations TORNOS

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