A new, radically different concept

With the launch of the MultiSwiss 6×14, Tornos presents the first numerical sliding headstock multi-spindle machine on the market. Based on the “fully integrated” concept and featuring innovative front access, this new machine is designed with three types of customer in mind: Users of numerical multi-spindle turning machines and cam-operated machines, and single-spindle turning machines.  MultiSwiss is a revolution, it’s the birth of a new product range that makes the link between multispindle and single-spindle lathes. Discussion with M. Martoccia, Product Manager.

At the beginning of 2008, the multi-spindle product department at Tornos put in place an ambitious project with clear objectives.

To create a multi-spindle turning machine with:

  • 14 mm capacity
  • attractive price
  • unrivaled efficiency
  • rapid return on investment.

The machine must also be:

  • reliable
  • flexible
  • accurate
  • easy to use
  • efficient.

Three and a half years later, customers can discover the MultiSwiss 6×14 for themselves at EMO Hannover. Have the points of this basic concept been met?

Specifications met!
“Four machines have been trialled by our customers over several months now and the results demonstrate that the MultiSwiss 6×14 keeps all its promises and matches up well to the specifications that we were given” Mr Martoccia states proudly.

Key elements:

  • new concept (shorter bars, new design and technologies)
  • all inclusive (and well integrated; by the way, same footprint as a single-spindle)
  • precision and heat regulation
  • customised look
  • silent operation
  • integrated PC and ergonomics.

New approach, new advantages
With the MultiSwiss, Tornos is proposing a new approach to working on multispindle turning machines and the first customers to use this new machine have been very positive. Mr. Martoccia compares the arrival of this machine with the launch of the first Deco machines in 1996: it’s innovative, efficient, attractive, ergonomic and at a very affordable price.

The machine will be shown at EMO and the first deliveries are scheduled for October this year.

Further information:
Rocco Martoccia
Tornos SA
Tel. +41 32 494 44 44
[email protected]

As previously announced, the company has launched a microwebsite dedicated to this new machine: www.multiswiss.info.


The alternative to classical high precision turning

Esco S.A. will participate at the EMO 2011 and exhibit its Escomatic high precision turning machines working according to the unique concept of rotary tools and coil fed. This technique still allows the company to be leader in the manufacture of parts for large volumes when productivity and price are determining factors.

As in the previous edition, the Escomatic booth will be shared with Affolter Technologies S.A. to illustrate the successfully developed collaboration (for 3 years) in the integration of digital controls on part of Esco’s product range.

Escomatic EC 08
Visitors will discover the Escomatic EC 08 range. This lathe which shows a gratifying development of sales offers a capacity up to 8 mm and a level of rigidity which allows machining hardly achieved until then on Escomatic. The machine can be modularly configured from the simple “turning” version up to the full version for machining front, transverse and rear with a counter spindle and, according to the habit in Esco, powered high-speed tools. This machine offers the combination of stiffness with recognized high productivity of the Escomatic principle, to machine larger diameters in all difficult materials recently arrived on the market.

Escomatic D2 CNC
At the other end of the range in terms of diameters, the Escomatic D2 CNC machine will also be on the 2011 booth. The success of this machine is confirmed and the addition of an Affolter digital control on the legendary D2 machine as well as the increase of spindle speed up to 12,000 rpm allowed the realization of a CNC machine faster than the mechanical version. Intuitive programming of the numerical control facilitates ownership by all operators, even by those who have not been trained in conventional programming.

Escomatic D5 CNC Ultra
Between these two sides we discover the 2011 novelty which will be presented for the first time to the public: an Escomatic D5 CNC Ultra. Based on an Escomatic D2 CNC this machine offers a lot in addition to turning. This on the same principle that users can know about an Escomatic New Mach 64x. It is possible to machine simultaneously the front of the part with 3 axial spindles, then after the cut, the rear of the part can be machined with 2 axial and 1 cross spindle. With 12’000 rpm for turning and HF spindles up to 18,000 rpm, this new machine will offer the perfect combination of the turning performance of the D2 CNC with high-performance back operations.

To be discovered on Hall 16, booth A14.

Esco SA
Rue des Prélets 30
CH-2206 Les Geneveys-sur-Coffrane
Tél. +41 32 858 12 12
Fax +41 32 858 12 05
[email protected]

More automation, precision and performance

During the EMO Schaublin machines will present a new image with new colors of machines and even a new logo. However it is not to hide a lack of innovation, but on the contrary for strengthening its effects.

Schaublin is certainly one of the most known brands in the world of machine tool, but not everyone knows that the company is still active at the forefront of technology. At the EMO in Hanover, visitors will be able to discover two new machines as world première as well as the 137 turning center whose first deliveries have begun this year.

137-11AX high precision turning centre
For the first time, this production centre will be presented with all of its peripherals. This true integrated solution of high production was unveiled at the last EMO and the first machines are in production for customers since 2011. They emphasize the machine strengths in terms of accuracy and power while enjoying its compactness.

136-7AX-Y high precision turning centre
This production centre is build on the same strengths of the 137 kinematics (high rigidity, modularity of components, stability, precision) while providing a more simple version as the machine has a single turret and not two as on the 137. This machine meets a very important need of machining on the market and will allow users of Schaublin old 140 machines to finally have a modern alternative.

102 TM-CNC high precision lathe in “fully integrated” version
For the first time a manufacturer presents a fully integrated machining solution in this range of diameters as the recommended ideal turning diameter is 20 mm maximum. On the basis of a 102 TM-CNC lathe the manufacturer has built a complete solution including a robot for loading and unloading in pallets. It can also return the parts for machining of both sides. Genuine autonomous system to complete parts, the 102 TM-CNC robotized lathe require minimum floor space.

New colors, new logo, new image
When asked about this evolution, M. Muster says: “Schaublin is still too often seen as a brand of the past, our long history is such that present is a little put aside. Schaublin innovates continually and we wanted to present ourselves with more impact”. The fact that the company had also models of at least three different colors for historical reasons was not helping in the construction of a clear picture. It is now corrected and Schaublin Machines SA presents itself under a new light.

Professionals wanted
To deal with the growth of its activities the Swiss company is looking for professionals. In case of interest thank you to send the usual information to Ms. Stéphanie Tinguely at the address mentioned below.
Wanted persons:

  • Mechanics assemblers
  • Electricians
  • Dealers/technicians

Schaublin Machines SA
Rue Principale 4
2735 Bévilard
Tél. +41 32 491 67 00
Fax +41 32 491 67 08
[email protected]


Wind of changes…

In my recent customers’ visits I had the chance to discover 4 (!) new logos from companies active in high precision and microtechnology in Switzerland. For some it is too early to communicate, but two machine manufacturers have already agreed we present their evolution to Eurotec’s blog readers.

In both cases the companies are not only changing their logos, but also the colours of machines and are moving into new premises.

Pemamo SA (previously known as Phosa SA) was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of honing machines and tooling for high precision. It’s original concept of expandable tools is well recognized on the market by those looking for high precision (you can adjust the tool by tenths of micron). Its machines are “a must” in the field and this year will see the company presents true innovations (see news here).


Schaublin Machines SA was founded… in the “pre-history” of machine tool as more than 100’000 Schaublin 70 and 102 lathes have been sold. The company is well known for the high precision of its machining solutions (trun/mill) and will also present novelties at EMO.


Why changing?
Then in both cases the companies are well known and their brands quite clearly positioned on the markets… why these changes? The answer of both CEO’s were clear. Their companies are on the move, bringing new products and new solutions to customers, working in new premises (done for Pemamo, planned for Schaublin) and also somewhere having dusty images not at the level of their products. These changes also show that the companies are sane and ready to further develop themselves.

Swiss made
..and by the way, have you noticed it? Both logos include the Swiss flag. Yes, in both cases the fact that the machines are made in Switzerland are valued by customers.

No new logo? So what?
Indeed you can go to EMO and show new machines and solutions without changing your logo…and a lot of other Swiss (129 axe exhibiting at EMO) and European companies will take advantages of the show to present their news.

We published some news recently

And stay tuned, we’ll publish more news soon.


Pierre-Yves Kohler

By the way…indeed we’ll come back on these new logos, colours of machines and so on later, both on the paper issues of Eurotec and here!

Productivity in motion @ EMO

Emissa is recognized for its innovative machining solutions and the company will take advantages of this year’s EMO to exhibit several of its concepts. Overview.

WinFlex Turn
Is a 15 axes high precision multi bar turning machine working with 3 bars simultaneously. The machine will be exhibited with its dedicated bar loader and will produce a part that includes gear cutting. Machining of the second side is performed in hidden time. A total of 6 pieces are executed simultaneously. This development and its resulting high productivity have been made possible using the new multi patented Pibomulti’s tool holder system for turning and machining tools. The machine also includes thread whirling and Torx milling devices.

Speed Tool Super Magnum
Is a vertical lathe dedicated to vertical and horizontal machining. It is a 4 axes machine for micromechanics. Speed Tool Super Magnum is equipped with a multispindle head including 10 alternated spindles (22’000 t/min) and a support for 4 turning tools mounted vertically. Other strengths: the high speed (40’000 t/min) Fischer spindle with HSK32E attachment and the tools changer (30 tools or more in vertical). Speed Tool Super Magnum is equipped with cooling pump and filter and is also appropriate for machining of precious metals.

Twin Turn 250
The latest development of Emissa SA is the Twin Turn 250 machine which has recently won the innovation prize at industry Lyon 2011. Also based on a new concept, this machine is designed for very high production by turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. This two-spindle vertical machine works with billets. Thanks to the new turning tool holders developed by Pibomulti (patented system); it is possible to work on 2 spindles simultaneously with a single digital axis. These Piboturn tool holders present the particularity to be pre-set on a pre-setting device or on the machine in a very simple way and with high accuracy in the scale of the micron.

These innovations will be visible on the D33 booth in Hall 27.

Emissa SA
Jambe – Ducommun 18
2400 – Le Locle / Suisse
Tél : +41 32 933 06 66
Fax : +41 32 933 06 60
[email protected]

Tornos brings surface processing into workshops

Following my previous info of February, I’ve been able to gather more information about Cyklos. With this turn-key surface processing unit, Tornos reduces drastically non productive (and then costly) times. Cyklos offers surface processing in a continuous manufacturing flow.

Surface processing has traditionally been physically kept separated from machining. The size of the installations and buildings, the safety requirements and the environmental hazards of the chemical processes refrained workshops, with a few exceptions, to invest in and operate surface processing equipments nearby in-line with machining. However prior deliveries, most of the finished parts go through a surface processing step (anodizing, phosphating, electroplating …). As a consequence, an interruption in the manufacturing flow of finished parts remains until today, increasing lead time, logistic costs and defects. Tornos tackles these three points simultaneously and enables a continuous manufacturing flow with the Cyklos solution, a unique technology combining a surface processing equipment and process in a compact, zero reject( ), high performance and low cost of ownership tool.

Cyklos concept is based on a patented technology owned by Tornos in which parts are transported from bath to bath and inside each bath automatically via a simple combination of translation and multiple rotations along the same axis of small carriers on which the parts are attached to.
As a conclusion, the Cyklos technology embedded in a compact and dedicated housing has all it needs to perform with superior performances in the workshops most of the surface processing traditionally made in very large and remote installations.

Main functions of Cyklos

  • Anodisation of Aluminum and Titanium
  • Chemical or electroplating of metals on Steel
  • Steel phosphating
  • Chemical or electrochemical deburring on Steel, Aluminum, Titanium,…

Cyklos technology
Exhibits radically modified characteristics to enable workshops in line operations:

  • Small volume baths (several hundreds of liters);
  • Small footprint (6 meters long, 3 m wide, including wastewater treatment);
  • Complete confinement of hazardous vapor enabling operation in machine shop buildings;
  • No wastewater to be treated on site, no connection to the drain;
  • Low processing variations within a carrier and carrier to carrier (ex: 30 +/- 2 microns for anodisation);
  • No manpower required for loading and unloading carriers, reducing defects;
  • Automatically and in-situ regulated chemical processes.

This new solution will finally be presented at EMO this year (i.e. earlier than previously announced by Eurotec). We will detail Cyklos in our next issue.



Value creator cleaning

Often treated lightly in the past, cleaning is now part of the value chain of produced parts. Requirements and security levels are such that this operation is now strategic. The environmental trend speaks for water based cleaning. But can it really be trusted? To answer to this question, we met with Mr. Dalod, Sales Manager, and Ms. De Marchi, Marketing Manager at NGL Cleaning Technology, a company specialized in this type of cleaning.

To perform analyses of residues and determine precisely pollutants, the company can count on the scanning electron microscope.

Replacement of cleaning using solvents by water based operations is not always possible, but the trend is strong and nowadays’ solutions are very effective. Not only they can work more in harmony with the environment and employees but it also offers a more economic cleaning. NGL Cleaning Technology is a partner active in all levels, namely development of cleaning custom solutions, design of specific chemical formulations, advices on ways to clean parts and treatment of wastewater. Mr. Dalod says: “We are the only company active at all levels; it is a clear asset for our customers. Every step is carried out taking the others as well the whole into account”.

A four steps process

  • Step 1 – engineering
  • Step 2 – chemical formulation
  • Step 3 – machine choice
  • Step 4 – waste treatment

Guaranteed results
At each above mentioned step NGL Cleaning Technology houses specialists who are committed to find together with the customer the process that is best suited. Mr. Dalod says: “We always try to find the process giving the best results by using a minimum of products and thus reduce operating costs to the maximum”. Of course, services offered by the company don’t stop with the delivery of a cleaning turnkey solution. It also provides training for users and monitoring customer’s processes possibilities. In case of a sudden change in cleaning quality, the technical engineers of the company go to the customer’s to analyze all parameters. Ms. De Marchi tells us: “Sometimes they find insignificant changes in machining, changes in a sequence of operations, a change in the washing water or even non-compliance with washing procedures. In any case we always offer the guarantee of results and propose the necessary alterations”.

The experts …at Nyon
According to complexity, to provide a dedicated solution for a customer may take time. NGL Cleaning Technology experts are trained to find precisely all the clues that will lead them to the optimal solution. Ms. De Marchi says: “It is really a work of investigation, but is it worth since it allows us to develop customized solutions for our customers”. Mr. Dalod concludes: “When we develop and validate a process, it is really a commitment we make to the quality of the customer’s production. We do not have the right to make any mistake and we know it”.

With the increase of complexity of parts, new materials and cutting fluids, it is very important to find the right cleaning solutions. NGL is looking for those and then advise companies on the machine(s) to be chosen (NGL doesn’t sell any machine). We will go into detail of the four above mentioned steps in our next issue.

NGL Cleaning Technology SA
7, Ch. de la Vuarpillière
1260 Nyon
Tel.+41 22 365 46 66
Fax +41 22 361 81 03
[email protected]