High precision assemblies and components

Employing 105 highly qualified workforce, the Rubis Précis / Micropierre / DPL Friatec Group has been engaged for 60 years in the production using customer’s drawings of high precision components. Especially of small mounted assemblies in Sapphire, Ruby, Quartz, Silica, Optical Glasses, Technical Ceramics, Ferrite, Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel, Gold, Platinum and other hard materials and metals.

Such materials have exceptional qualities of hardness (surpassed only by diamond), wear resistance, use at very high temperatures (up to 2000°C), use in medical (picture: new developments from this field), optical systems (visible and infrared), thermal and electrical insulation, resistance to corrosive products (acids, bases)…

A presence in worldwide market
Production of these high tech components in the group reaches about 2 million pieces per month, with price varying from 0.10 to 5’000 euros per piece. Annual sales of the group is about 11 millions euros.
The Group has a well established reputation of innovation and constant research using a large range of engineering materials and always accept new challenges. The group is active in worldwide market with more than 500 customers in 25 countries, who require precision components (accuracy of one micron) so that the final products made with the supplied materials solve problems of many natures.

Main realizations
Examples of actual productions:

  • High precision pivots and bearings in Sapphire and Tungsten Carbide for various instruments used in computers, aerospace, measurement, metrology…(Sagem…)
  • Connectors, lenses and other precision components in Sapphire for fibre optics (Alcatel)
  • Components for pacemakers, femoral heads in biocompatible Ceramics for hip prosthesis and various precision components for medical applications.
  • Precision components in Technical Ceramics for research , laboratories , nuclear, aerospace, analytical or scientific industries (Honeywell, C.N.R.S)
  • Windows of Quartz or Sapphire for opto-electronics, vacuum, high pressure or high temperature (Thales)

Precision and quality
The excellent quality and extreme precision of the fabrications of the RP / MP / DPL Friatec Group has conferred a reputation on the Group as one of the world wide leaders in this field.
The quality control is based on ISO 9001, and the Group has in addition the quality certification EASE – European Aeronautic Supplier Evaluation – since 1999.

Rubis-Précis/Micropierre/DPL Friatec Group
25140 Charquemont / France
Tel : +33 (0)3 81 68 27 20
Fax : +33 (0)3 81 68 68 34

Jean Chapuis / Président
[email protected]

To be (re)discovered at Compamed /Medica in Düsseldorf from November 16 to 18, 2011

From now on: a renewed range of standard tools

PX Tools is well known by companies active in the fields of medical and watch industries for its ability to provide them with special tools based on plans. The company has always proposed standard tools, but by its organization and its structure they were produced with the methods used for special tools and were available at inappropriate prices. Through a profound reorganization and a broad listening to the markets, the manufacturer has completely changed its production methods and renewed its standard product lines. PX Tools can today offer a wide range of standard tools at very attractive prices in addition to its offer of special tools.

To achieve such a change, the company worked on four main objectives

  • To gain productivity
  • To provide increased responsiveness
  • To ensure the reliability of its promises
  • To completely revise its range of products.

Today these objectives are achieved or soon to be and the company faces another challenge, to let the market know and convince it that PX Tools not only specializes in special tools but also standard tools at very competitive prices.

Special “discovery” offer
To announce the renewal of its production and its ability to produce standard tools at very competitive prices, the company conducted a special action from September to October (now extended to December 15). Micro-drills with Ø 3 mm shanks are sold with a 20% discount. Mr. Ferrière, CEO, says: “Even without this 20% discount our prices are very competitive, but we must fight an image that we help create over the years “.

You can reach the -20% special sale flyer here.


The different tools available at PX Tools’
Standard tools

  • Center drills and drills (NC center drills, twist drills, drills to preset precious stones…)
  • Reamers and boring tools
  • End mills (end mills, ball nose end mills, roughing end mills…)
  • Micro-mills (short micro end mills, ball nose micro end mills, precision “TORX” micro end mills…)
  • Chamfering and engraving tools (CNC 8 fold tools, deburring and chamfering mills, engraving tools…)
  • Whirling tools (upsetting taps, whirling mills, threadmills…)
  • Collets and accessories (TGSX/P collets, nuts…)
  • Mandrels, colletholders, toolholders…

Special tools

  • Special or stepped drills
  • Form or stepped end mills
  • Slitting saws
  • Threading tools (whirling tools, taps, thread mills…)
  • Special inserts (shaped, form…)
  • Insert holders
  • Constant profile tools
  • Wearing parts (pins, rods…)
  • Punches (Torx, regular sides…)
  • Collet chucks (ER, HSK A/C/E)
  • Shrink fit chucks (HSK)
  • Grinding wheels

Are you looking for standard and special tools?

PX Tools SA
Passage bonne-Fontaine 30
CH-2304 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tel. + 41 32 924 09 00
Fax + 41 32 924 09 99
[email protected]

We will present the company’s deep change in our next issue, stay tuned!

NEW – SPF 50 fixed and mobile compliance cutting

Precise France presents SPF 50 compliance cutting. This system consists of an electrospindle with ball and socket join for compliance on X and Y axes (flexible system). Its displacement is controlled by a pneumatic damping system which tends to realign the spindle into its constant effort axis.

1-Compliance, 2-Electrospindle, 3 – Perpendicular plane to the spindle axis

The HEN 50 Fisher electrospindle is primarily intended for robotized machining operations, for example:

  • milling of aluminum or cast iron parts
  • deburring of aluminum or cast iron parts after machining to remove all burrs
  • milling of composite materials or deburring of various metallic materials.

2D Compliance
This device is implemented for deburring irregular parts in terms of burrs, forms and dimensions, by a possibility of small movements in all directions perpendicular to the axis of the spindle and under almost constant effort. The value of the completed chamfer is also quasi-constant. Machining effort and stroke of compliance are adjustable. This device simplifies the programming of robot trajectories by limiting the number of learning points.

Machining of chamfers from 0.5 to 2 mm is possible depending on settings and size of burrs. Programming is done by learning by reducing the programming points. By its shape, it is able to enter into complex parts (spindle nose diameter 50). Feed rate from 2 to 15 m/min can be adapted according to material, shapes, burrs and chamfer sizes.

Copying is done by milling with form tracking by a pin in contact with the profile of the part. The flexibility of the system allows following profiles of complex parts.

Simple pneumatic power
The pressure is adjustable from 0.5 to 6 bars by a pressure regulator and it proportionally determines the compliance effort. This device requires 5 micron-filtered and lubricated air and the spindle must be put under overpressure conditions to prevent any entrance of chips. This requires an extra power supply of 5 micron-filtered dry air at the pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bars. Lubricated air cannot be used for over-pressure (washing of bearings).

Precise France SAS
1, avenue Usinage Grande Vitesse
Tél. +33 4 50 36 90 15
Fax : +33 4 50 36 82 53
[email protected]

Special tool from one piece

The watchmaking gears and wheels are strategic parts in the good functioning of a watch. Machining of these parts, carried out on an automatic lathe or on a dedicated gear cutting machine, often uses gear hobbing technology and requires special precision hobs. In these small sizes, each module and number of teeth involves the use of a dedicated hob.

Traditionally the realization of precision hobs is done by copying and inevitably requires numerous adjustment steps. It is not the case in the Jura company. Work basis is the CAD file of the part to be machined and the entire process remains digital until the realization of the hobs. Even more, this “digital integration from A to Z” allows the tools manufacturer to produce very small series (or single part) under very short deadlines and at very attractive prices.

A small number of suppliers
To succeed in such achievements, Louis Bélet SA can rely on a very sharp know-how in tooling, and dedicated software as well as 7 axes production machines (working with 5 axes simultaneously). Two new machines of this type were being installed while I visited early April. Mr. Maître explains the reasons for the implementation of these additional means of production: “There are only a few companies able to provide tools such as ours and parts manufacturers, active in watchmaking, medical or microtechnology, wish to secure their supplies while ensuring short deadlines”. In this regard, Louis Bélet SA is a key partner.

Further and further
Are you looking for customized tooling solutions or standard high-quality solutions? Both available under short deadlines? Louis Bélet SA is organized to deal with these two challenges.
The company will be present at the EPHJ show in Lausanne on its brand new booth… do not miss the opportunity.

Louis Bélet SA
Les Gasses 11 – CH-2943 Vendlincourt
Tel. +41 (0) 32 474 04 10 – Fax +41 (0) 32 474 45 42
[email protected]www.beletsa.ch

Hexagon Metrology: 25 years of experience manufacturing portable measuring arms

Hexagon Metrology’s manufacturing facility for Romer branded portable measuring arms in Montoire, France, celebrates its 25th birthday this October. Since 1986, Romer products have become increasingly versatile and powerful measurement systems.

Part inspection with Romer Absolute Arm with integrated laser scanner.

Hexagon Metrology celebrates the 25th anniversary of its brand Romer, which has its origins in the manufacturing facility in Montoire, France. Since 1986, thousands of portable measuring arms have left Montoire serving a wide range of industries with its portable high-precision coordinate measuring instrument. The Romer arm can capture the structural features of a work piece, for use in quality control, digital representation or rapid reproduction.

Technological leadership
Ever since its beginnings, Romer has stood for an international market approach and constant technological leadership. Cutting-edge features such as the arm’s infinite-rotation main movement axes, a flexible, portable tube measurement solution or completely integrated and fully certified laser scanners have all contributed to Romer arms’ success throughout most industry sectors. Romer measuring arms are also manufactured in the USA.

Past, present and future
Many of the first ever manufactured Romer measuring arms are still in use today: The Romer System 6 arms with the serial numbers 4 and 5 built in 1986 now celebrate their 25th application anniversary at automotive companies in France. In the European aerospace industry, the first Romer tube inspection systems have been used daily since they were brought into service in 1986.
The latest product generation, the Romer Absolute Arm, comes with absolute encoders, high-performance laser scanner systems, WiFi functionality and automated probe recognition.

For more information

By the way, if you’re in Spain, tomorrow and the day after, Hexagon Metrology organizes its open house there.
Location: Hexagon Metrology, Parc Tecnològic del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain
Date: 26 October 2011 – 27 October 2011
[email protected]

You can see the full invitation here.

Valtronic to Build State-of-the-Art Orthopaedic Facility

Valtronic’s Orthopaedic Spinal manufacturing division is establishing itself as a global supplier of medical implants by partnering with spinal companies for the entire product design and manufacturing cycle.  To address the needs of their customers in this market and to become a complete full service supplier, Valtronic is expanding into a new state-of-the-art facility which will be located at the company’s main headquarters in Les Charbonnières Switzerland.  

Micro electronics for artificial spinal disc, spinal hook, retinal implant and many more application are daily challenges at Valtronic’s.

“The new building will provide us with the strategic opportunity to increase our capabilities and capacity as an already high quality medical implant supplier,” states Bertrand Gabry, VP of the Spinal Implants Business Unit. The initial groundbreaking is planned for the second quarter of 2011. The facility is expected to be fully operational by the end of the first quarter of 2012. “At this time, we will introduce new manufacturing and surface finishing equipment that will reduce our need for outsourcing. Vertically integrating our operations will give us more control over the complete manufacturing process as well as allow us to reduce time and costs, a benefit which will be passed on to our customers,” Mr. Gabry proclaimed. “Additionally as part of this expansion, we will add more equipment for medical implant grade plastics such as PEEK, preparing us to meet the present and future needs of our customers.”

To offer more to customers
Valtronic is taking this opportunity to also restructure product flow through the workshop by standardizing  equipment, tooling, and processes which will improve efficiencies.   “We are confident that our changes and physical expansion will offer our customers the services and manufacturing bandwidth they seek to increase their marketshare in this highly competitive market,” Mr. Gabry concluded.

Valtronic Technologies
Valtronic Technologies is a full service contract manufacturer offering engineering, design & development and manufacturing of an entire product, from micro-electronics and mechanical parts to complex systems.. Valtronic’s customer list includes worldwide well-established OEMs and leading edge companies in both the medical and non-medical fields.

Patricia Klavora
Marketing Communications Manager
[email protected]
1-440-349-1239 x18

Delcam launches Delcam for SolidWorks 2012 with wire EDM

Delcam has launched the 2012 version of Delcam for SolidWorks, the integrated CAM system for SolidWorks, which includes programming of 2D wire EDM for the first time alongside the comprehensive options for the programming of turning, mill-turn, drilling and two- through five-axis milling.  Four-axis wire functionality is planned for the 2012 R2 release, due in January 2012.  

Delcam for SolidWorks 2012 will have wire EDM programming as well as milling, drilling and turning.

Other enhancements include target-part comparison, the ability to compare a model of the desired final shape with the shape achieved by the programmed toolpaths, and multiple-instance programming, the programming of multiple SolidWorks components in one operation, either in the same orientation or in different orientations.

Faster programming…
Fully-automated de-burring and chamfering has also been added to give faster programming of these finishing operations on 2- or 2.5-axis parts.  The ability to incorporate chamfers, even when they are not shown in the original SolidWorks model, duplicates functionality previously available in Delcam’s feature-based CAM system, FeatureCAM.

..and faster machining
Delcam for SolidWorks 2012 also incorporates enhancements from the 2012 release of FeatureCAM, including improvements in the use of stock models and new options in the tooling database. Stock models allow the user to visualise the material remaining after each operation.  This makes it easier to eliminate air cutting and so generate more efficient toolpaths with reduced machining times.  The models also simplify the selection of the most appropriate tool sizes for rest-roughing and finishing operations.

Proven track records
Delcam for SolidWorks is based on Delcam’s proven machining algorithms that are already used by more than 35,000 customers around the world.  The software offers PowerMILL’s exceptional speed of toolpath calculation, plus the advanced strategies for high-speed and five-axis machining, to ensure increased productivity, maximum tool life and immaculate surface finish, even when cutting the hardest, most challenging materials.

Find out more at www.delcam.tv/dfs2012/lz

For further information on Delcam for SolidWorks, please contact:
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 44 (0)121 683 1081
[email protected]

Delcam plc 
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK