PVD black coating – all we want to know

It’s been a while since we spoke about coating here and I’ve a good news to people interested in this topic. we met Christian Manasterski, head of R&D of the Surfaces Synergie group, leader in this technology and we will publish a two-episode story in Eurotec. First episode in our December issue!

Example of black PVD coating use in the watch industry with the Louis Chevrolet Frontenac 7500 and its steel case black PVD coated and polished.

Black coatings are for some years, very popular in the field of watch making, but also eyeglass frames, leather goods, writing instruments and jewellery. Few black coatings are made by electroplating (black chrome, black nickel, black gold, black rhodium…) but the majority is made by dry and in particular by the DLC technique (Diamond Like Carbon). However, a significant proportion is produced by PVD (precisely by reactive magnetron sputtering). This technology has some advantages that not share DLC coatings.

What are DLC coatings
DLC coatings can be of typeTa: C (for Tetra-Amorphous-Carbon). They are obtained by sputtering (PVD) or by a cathodic arc. They are very hard but have very high internal stresses. DLC coatings can also be of type a: C-H (for Amorphous-Carbon- Hydrogen). The hydrogenated fraction makes a little less hard coating, but in return, they are thicker and more resistant to corrosion. They are generally obtained by the technology of PECVD using different precursors. DLC coatings are being developed including diamond structures (called hybridization sp2 & sp3) in a graphite matrix (sp1 hybridization). It is therefore, possible, to a certain extent, to vary the proportion of different hybrids and thus adapt the performance of the layer based on the use that we want to do.

To read more about it, do not miss our next issue (or follow the news here, once next issue’s articles on-line I’ll post a piece of info).

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