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Amada, the publicly listed Japanese machine-tool and tool manufacturer offers a broad range of machines in several field of activities. A few examples?, You can find high-speed fiber laser, press brake, press featuring servo-electric drive technology, turning machines, integrated automation solutions, and grinding machines (using new grinding technologies) in its portfolio. To learn more about these we met with Ben Scherr, CEO of the European branch of the company.

In the last EMO the company presented its wide product range of solutions under four main labels: 1) precision parts for tool making, 2) difficult-to-cut materials / band sawing technology, 3 ) sheet metal working and 4) automation and precision in mass production.

1) Precision parts for tool making
The aim of the company is to provide integrated manufacturing solutions of parts for the tool making industry. Amada offers a complete solution consisting of machines, software and measuring instruments, which is suitable for highly accurate and precise surface and profile grinding of small and medium-sized parts.

2) Difficult-to-cut materials / band sawing technology
The company offers solution to machine large, difficult-to-cut materials for applications in the heavy industry, infrastructure and energy sectors.

3) Sheet Metal Working
Amada presents ultra-fast and highly precise fiber laser FOL3015-AJ, which is equipped with an oscillator developed in house. In this domain the company also offers presses, for instance the press brake HD-1003 ATC NT with its fully automatic tool changer ATC or the SDE-2025 ES, an energy-efficient high-performance servo press. The multi-function machine is well-suited for a wide variety of sheet metal working tasks.

4) Automation and precision in mass production
Under this umbrella, customers can discover how combining and automating of individual machining tasks results in highly efficient and precise manufacturing processes.
First news in this area: The turning centre S 10 features a 250 mm swing diameter front spindle and two side turrets with a tool drive and two optional Y-axes. Simultaneous machining of the workpiece leads to high productivity rates.
Second news: The precision turning centre AD 18S that permits back face operation on the smallest footprint. The model is equipped with an additional turret and a sub-spindle, which is mounted on the main turret. The sub-spindle can be used to position the finished parts on an integrated pallet system. This makes it possible to feed bars and to unload workpieces onto a pallet without any collisions.

Three main axes
There are three fundamental concepts that underline every product of the company: multifunctionality, flexible production and environmental compatibility. Mr. Scherr says to conclude : “The fact that these concepts can successfully be put into practice, is due to Amada’s high degree of innovativeness and its outstanding engineering expertise. We can really offer a wide spectrum of solutions always based on these values. Our customers reward these too”.

We will come back on solutions dedicated for microtechnology in a further issue of Eurotec.

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