SIAMS and World Medtech Forum Lucerne partner for medical technologies

New episode in the recent evolutions on the Swiss (micro)technical exhibition’s landscape: the unexpected move of mediSiams to Lucerne. This year is a very special one for Siams SA as there will be both Siams and Medisiams the same year!

The organisers announced yesterday that mediSiams will be encapsulated into the World Medtech Forum in Lucerne (WMTF) from 25 to 27 September 2012. A strategic partnership has been concluded to offer a good potential of grow and international visibility to mediSiams, the trade show of the Arc jurassien dedicated to the production means in microtechnology.

The organisers. i.e. Medical Cluster, Medtech Switzerland, Messe Luzern AG and Siams SA create a superb platform to promote medical technologies and strengthen the Swiss pole of excellence for research, development and manufacture of medical products. The four partners work to make the World Medtech Forum Lucerne a compelling global event for the field of medical technology.

Open to the world
For companies active in manufacturing in medical sectors, going to Lucerne and benefitting from a very large programme of added value will allow them to maximize their participation. For French speaking companies, the move also opens a little bit more their presence to German speaking area of Switzerland (and to the world indeed).

A programme like no other
I discussed with Peter Biedermann, CEO of Medical Cluster yesterday and the organisers aim high: they work to create an event like the Davos Forum dedicated to medical. In fact, it is even more than that as the WMTF is complemented by a very professional and targeted trade show. Mr. Biedermann is convinced that the WMTF will become a “must attend” for any company active in high precision medical design and manufacturing from all around the world.

For more information:
Patrick Linder, Head of communication Siams SA
[email protected]
+41 (0) 32 492 70 10
+41 (0) 78 819 85 87

We will come back on the programme of the WMTF and the move of mediSiams soon.

Cyklos: the surface treatment for everyone

At EMO 2011, Tornos presented Cyklos – a new, totally autonomous kind of surface treatment technology that can achieve exceptional levels of quality thanks to its innovative rotary process. At the Simodec show, Tornos not only exhibits the technology but, for the first time, the Cyklos A300 equipment from the Cyklos manufacturer. Better still, this machine will carry out treatments on the stand.

“With the machine on the stand, visitors can see for themselves that integrating a Cyklos machine in a bar turning workshop really is possible without any prior knowledge of surface treatment,” states Brice Renggli, Head of Marketing at Tornos.

Long production runs of aluminium parts…
This equipment can handle the production of some ten million parts per year. It is primarily aimed at long production runs of those aluminium parts mainly produced in the automotive sector. Brake pistons are one such example of a typical application perfectly suited to the Cyklos A300 which offers great flexibility in anodisation treatment (thickness, parts, etc.). The chemical treatment processes required for each part number is stored in the automatic control system and then chosen according to requirements with less than a 30 minute delay between each part number treated. The buckets must be adapted to the part not only so that they can be correctly held in place during the rotation process, but also to guarantee the uniformity and reproducibility of the treatment.

…and excellent quality results
The quality of the treatment is also one of the distinguishing characteristics of the A300 machine. The process implemented by the Cyklos company guarantees a uniformity of treatment of +/-2 microns with no fault in treatment either on the inside or the outside of the part. In classic processes the parts are often immersed vertically and almost statically, so the uniformity of treatment obtained thus often exceeds +/- 5 microns and some internal areas may have faults in (absence of) treatment caused by trapped bubbles of air or gas released during the treatment. The rotary process and the A300 equipment offer many advantages which the specialists at Cyklos invite you to discover at the Tornos stand at Simodec.

Cyklos SA
Emmanuel Turlot
Rue Galilée 15
CH-1400 Yverdon
Mobile: +41 (0) 79 443 78 76
[email protected]

Micro welding small parts using fiber lasers

The increasing complexity of micro-electronics, medical and engineering devices has placed stringent demands on assembly techniques. A particular challenge facing manufacturers is how to achieve the power levels necessary to micro weld accurately without distortion.  

An effective way to weld very small parts is by using fiber lasers. Research carried out by JK Lasers demonstrates how excellent beam quality, low power (100-200W) continuous wave (CW) fiber lasers with modulation consistently achieve high quality spot welds on thin stainless steel foils (20 μm – 150 μm).

Used in the manufacture of hard disk drive flexure arms, these foils help to hold ferrite readers above spinning magnetic media. The high positioning speed and ultra-close proximity of the ferrite reader mean flexure arms must be accurately assembled. Their design must accommodate resonances, stiffness and overall component accuracy in three planes.

Spatter-free welds are critical to ensuring the reliable operation of hard disk drives. Any brittle oxide or melt spatter on the surface may flake-off and contaminate the drive, rendering it useless.

During JK Lasers’ trials, a single mode fiber laser with Gaussian beam profile produced spatter-free spot welds between 76μm and 175μm in diameter. A flat top beam profile, available as an optional feature in JK Lasers’ fiber laser range, achieved spatter-free welds between 150μm and 270μm in diameter.

The high levels of accuracy achievable using JK Lasers’ modulated CW lasers enable high quality, shallow conduction mode spot welding with excellent top bead profile that are tailored to the target.

For more information
[email protected]
Phone +44 1788 517800


Delcam flexibility sparks rapid growth for A&M EDM

The flexibility of its Delcam software has been a key factor in the rapid growth of A&M EDM. Unlike many subcontractors that choose to specialise in supplying a particular industry, A&M EDM has always sought a diverse range of customers.

Delcam software helps A&M EDM to deliver complex parts in rapid delivery times. Programming with PowerMILL allows A&M EDM to offer high quality and rapid turnaround.

Investment in the latest technology has been a key component in the success of the business.  The company owns nowadays over thirty CNC machines; the majority are less than five years old and feature the latest in EDM, wire EDM and conventional machining technologies.  Even during the recent recession, A&M carried on recruiting extra people and investing in more equipment to continue to strengthen the company.

Milling machines to the help of the company
One of its earliest successes came through providing an overnight repair service for press tools by manufacturing replacement inserts for delivery the next morning.  This success convinced Mr. Wingfield that he needed to add machining capabilities to his EDM business and lead to the initial purchase of two Hurco machines in 2006.  “We wanted to be able to complete everything in-house, rather than risking any quality or delivery issues by using sub-contractors,” he remembered.

Programming with ease
“We have used Delcam software for about five years, soon after we bought the first Hurcos,” says Mr. Wingfield.  “We started with PowerSHAPE for our data translation and design work, and then added PowerMILL for programming. I knew Delcam from a previous company and had always thought it was good software.  I’ve never regretted that decision; it has always done everything that we needed across all the different types of work we have to tackle.” He adds: “The Delcam software is easy to use for systems that are so powerful. We have taken people that were expert machinists but had no computer experience, and soon had them programming our five-axis machines”.  

For further information on Delcam’s CADCAM software, please contact:
Peter Dickin, Marketing Manager
Direct phone: 44 (0)121 683 1081
e-mail: [email protected]

Delcam plc
Small Heath Business Park,
Birmingham, B10 0HJ, UK

Tailored linear ball bearing …and much more

We can speak about microtechnology, automation, assembly, robotics, peripherals of machines and many other applications where a precise linear motion is required; it is likely to find linear ball bearings of the Swiss company Sferax. Indeed this manufacturer is specialized in the guidance of linear movements for the industry for more than 50 years.

The transmission of a linear movement can be done in different ways, for example with a ball screw. With respect to guidance, there are many methods from the traditional scrapped dovetail through linear guideways and linear ball bearings sliding on cylindrical shafts. Sferax is clearly positioned in this last category, Mr. Claude Bétrix founder says: “Usually we do not transmit the movements but ensure its accuracy and smoothness”.

Wide product range for all needs
The company offers hundreds of references, with shafts diameters from 3 mm to 150 mm on which approximately 80% are available from stock. Linear ball bearings exist in several versions according to the level of precision or the requested materials. Its catalogue also offers many additional products, from shafts to blocks for shafts till full sets including guidance systems and even ball screws.

New standards products of high quality
Mr. Ion Grossu, administrative officer, says: “Sferax is recognized in the market as being the Rolls-Royce of guidance, but it is not necessary to always have the best and most accurate solution. It is for this reason that we have developed the SL range. It is linear ball bearings in which brass cages have been replaced by polyamide”. And if this line does not display the same (very high) accuracies, it corresponds at least to the level of quality and accuracy of the products found on the market. Mr. Florez, head of manufacturing says:“This range is produced in large series and manufacturing methods allow us to offer them at very attractive prices”.

Are you looking for a smooth and precise guiding solution? Sferax certainly offers a linear ball bearing corresponding to your needs.

Route de Boudry 1
Case postale
CH-2016 Cortaillod
Tél. +41 32 843 02 02
Fax +41 32 843 02 09
[email protected]

We will come back on Sferax in Eurotec soon.

Thanks to Swiss microtechnology Mars rover finds signs of water

In the eighth year of its Mars expedition, the Mars rover Opportunity has found evidence that water once existed on Mars. According to briefings by NASA, in late 2011 the rover found a vein of a notably light colored mineral – apparently gypsum – deposited by flowing water.

For scientists, the gypsum deposits found by Opportunity on Mars are a sensation. They are convinced that the discovery proves that water once flowed at this site. On its way through the desolate Meridiani plane, the rover came across the light colored streaks in the ground by chance. An analysis of the minerals should help scientists better understand the geological history of Mars. Billions of years ago, the atmosphere on Mars was significantly denser; evidence indicates that there was once water in abundance on the surface of the planet. Today, the atmosphere is too thin to allow water to exist in liquid form.

Eight years breaking new ground…
In January 2012, Opportunity will celebrate its eighth birthday on the Red Planet. Originally, the mission was planned to last just 90 days. Since January 25, 2004, the rover has been exploring Mars on behalf of NASA. Opportunity has covered approximately 35 kilometers and, in the process, transmitted almost 162,400 images of the surface and the atmosphere of the Red Planet to the mission control center in Pasadena, California.

… with maxon motors
Motors manufactured by maxon motor ensure that the Mars rover is able to safely navigate the surface of Mars. A total of 39 DC motors by maxon motor are at work in Opportunity, and they continue to diligently carry out their tasks. The precision drives are used to drive the robotic arm, the Rock Abrasion Tool (RAT), the camera operation, and the control mechanism for the six wheels that propel the 180 kilogram vehicle, 1.6 meters long and 1.5 meters high, across the surface of Mars.

Standard and special motors
The motors are largely standard products with diameters of 20 to 25 millimeters and an efficiency of over 90 percent. Minor modifications were necessary to adapt the motors for the harsh environmental conditions: the temperature on Mars can fluctuate from approx. -120 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. In addition, the motors had to withstand the special conditions during the voyage to Mars. And the atmosphere, which largely consists of carbon dioxide, is also a very special environment for the high-precision motors. Originally, two rovers were active on Mars; however, since March 2010, NASA has been out of contact with Opportunity’s twin, “Spirit.” A next-generation rover is already on the way to resume where Spirit left off: “Curiosity,” a space lab launched by NASA in November, is scheduled to land on Mars in August 2012.

maxon motor ag
Brünigstrasse 220
6072 Sachseln Switzerland
Phone +41 41 666 15 00
Fax +41 41 666 16 50

mAm 2012 – Pre-registration ends tomorrow!

Micronarc Alpine Meeting (mAm 2012) – Equipment for Microproducts. 3rd Edition. January 22-25, 2012, Villars-sur-Ollon. In order to benefit from a reduced price, you should register on or before January 13, 2012.

Following in the success of the first two editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2012 will continue its focus on equipment for manufacturing microproducts.

The MAM 2012 program is now on-line.

4 reasons why you should not miss mAm 2012

  • Excellent speakers and program
  • Single track format
  • Ideal conference size for quality networking
  • Superb venue

mAm 2012 – Table-top Exhibition
A limited table-top exhibition will run in parallel to the conference for companies and organisations that wish to promote at mAm 2012. More details can be seen here.
Space is limited to 10 tables and requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information: