One-stop shopping for manufacturers of special-purpose machinery

“To buy or to make it by yourself”. Engineers in the fields of special-purpose machinery and assembly automation no longer face this issue in their day-to-day business — if they know about Misumi.

“One-stop shopping” at Misumi: Even for simple components, several parts are required. Finding all with the same source is very efficient and cost effective.

Standard components such as guides and stoppers are used in a wide range of industrial applications. Stoppers, for example, consist of a block with two fine threads and mounting holes, a damper, a stopper bolt and two tightening screws. This parts list entails a complex procurement process for a relatively simple component — requesting a quote and placing an order with two suppliers, waiting for the goods to arrive and conducting quality control after receipt, as well as carrying out invoice verification and accounting processes. The stopper block is manufactured externally; this also involves creating and sending a drawing. Three supply sources and various working steps — this workload can be considerably reduced by procuring parts from Misumi Europe GmbH, the full-range supplier of mechanical standard, purchased and custom-made parts from Schwalbach, Germany. Because cost-effective manufacturing starts small.

Produced on demand
All the necessary components can be found in the comprehensive two-volume main catalogue “Mechanical Components for Special Purpose Machinery and Assembly Automation” 2011/2012, as well as in the eCatalog on the Misumi website. Length, width, height, bores, threads, load capacity — the online configuration tool allows visitors to tailor the components to order. The corresponding CAD models for such orders are available for immediate download, along with binding prices and delivery times. If all the details are correct, the order can be placed directly via the eShop.

To help its customers stay focused
For EUR 56.32, for example, the complete component can be ready for assembly within eight working days. Free delivery is available within Germany; Misumi does not apply any minimum quantity charges or minimum order values. Alongside the good-value, quality components, the administrative cost is reduced considerably. Thanks to the reduction in the workload and the time required, various departments have more capacity to focus on their core business.

Misumi Europa GmbH
Katharina-Paulus-Str. 6
65824 Schwalbach/Ts., Germany
Tel. +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 0
Fax +49 (0) 61 96 77 46 360

Second call for abstracts – material and surface technology for implants

The event organized by Medical Cluster and the Swiss Society for Surface Technology on April 23-24 is dedicated to experts and persons interested in the subject of surgical implants.

The program covers topics in the fields of materials, surfaces and processes, and includes expert talks as well as short presentations. Additionally, this event offers possibilities for discussions and networking at the tabletop exhibition and sponsors display. The goal of this event is to promote the exchange of know-how and to trigger collaborations between implant producers, subcontractors and end users.

The focus of the 2012 conference will be on implant surfaces with special attention given to the following sub-topics:

  1. Physical and chemical surface modification
  2. Biological interactions of implant surfaces
  3. Process validation and regulatory affairs
  4. Clinical aspects from implant surfaces

Speaker presentations
The organizers would like to invite you to submit an abstract for a speaker presentation (15 min talk + 5 min discussion). The presentations must relate to the topic of the conference and to one of the four sub-topics listed above.
Abstract submissions must include a title, author names and a short text (abstract – min 150 to max 200 words). Abstracts will be accepted until January 31, 2012.
Please direct questions concerning the scientific program to Lukas Eschbach, phone +41 (0)32 644 16 98

Presentations can be made in German, English or French. The conference will provide simultaneous translation of the German and French contributions to English. Authors of speaker presentations will be granted a reduced participation fee (CHF 400.- instead of 600.-). If the number of submitted abstracts exceeds the capacity of the conference program, we will accept poster presentation in lieu of an oral presentation.

For submission of speaker presentations please use the registration page for speakers.

Medical Cluster
Wankdorffeldstrasse 102
Postfach 261
3000 Bern 22
Tel.: +41 31 335 62 53 – Fax: +41 31 335 62 63 – Mobile: +41 76 324 31 15
[email protected]

The Almac CUB 112 to be unveiled at Baselworld

According to the Federation of the Swiss watch industry, 2011 will have been a buoyant year for Swiss watchmaking and the forecasts for 2012 are optimistic. Switzerland is (by far) the largest exporter of watches and its SMEs are starting to notice manpower shortages and are looking for increasingly high performance production equipment. As a “longstanding manufacturer” in this domain, Tornos and Almac have a wide range of dedicated solutions to offer.

The CUB 112 is a machining centre designed to manufacture main plates and bridges for the watchmaking industry, directly from a bar with just one fixture setting and in a time which defies all competition. In fact, it is possible to finish main plates or bridges from the bar, fully automatically, in just 15 to 20 minutes, a feat never before seen in this market. Benefiting from innovative technologies such as, for example, linear motors on all axes, the precision of the CUB 112 and the flexibility of its setup and use also set it apart. During Baselworld, visitors will have the opportunity to discover this new way of working in person. The old ways of doing things will soon show their age.

Different domains with similar constraints
Whether in the medical-dental technology sector, microtechnology in general or watchmaking, the overall trends towards shortening lead times, and seeking greater productivity and flexibility are the same, and the solutions offered by the Tornos group mean each domain can benefit from experiences acquired in the others. Mr Renggli, marketing manager, explains: “Today, the Almac solutions which were originally designed solely with the watch industry in mind are being successfully’ exported to other domains, in particular the medical sector, where the experience acquired in very high precision management is very much in demand”.

Strategic open house between 2 main shows
For the last 4 years, Tornos has organised an exhibition for watch producers at the start of the year, which takes place between SIHH and Baselworld. During this event, visitors can take the time to discover the Moutier manufacturer’s entire range for the watchmaking industry, which will allow them to see how the company can help them improve their performance in all areas of watch machining, both for movements and casing.

  • Dates: February 6 to 9, 2012
  • Location: Tornos show-room, industrielle 111, CH-2740 Moutier

The watchmaking sector remains one of the group’s key domains.

To know more
Mr Brice Renggli, Marketing Manager
Tel: +41 79 528 29 78
fax: +41 32 494 49 03
[email protected]

Rethinking centring…

When changing the setup or settings on an automatic lathe, operators very often have to recentre the spindles. This operation can be carried out in a host of different ways, which are more or less effective and depend largely on the person carrying them out. Sometimes, the process is so restrictive that operators prefer not to do it at all, thereby generating problems relating to quality, precision and premature wear of tools. Wibemo, a company well-known amongst bar turners, is now offering them an innovative solution.

The Mowidec-TT system, only recently available, has been developed in response to a large number of requests received by the company. Mr Liechti, from the techno-commercial department, told us: “The principle of centring itself has existed for a very long time, we have simply found a way of making it quick and easy”. Mr Bendit, the CEO, explains further: “We collaborated with a bar turning company and the technical university in our region. After 8 months of work, we were able to present the first devices”. And they have certainly been a success; in just a few weeks, dozens of these devices made their way to bar turning workshops.

Old habits do not die hard!
Whether employing an optical sight for a bore to bore control or a comparator system or even a boring system, users quickly discovered that the new solution is not only easier to implement, it is also much faster. Mr Liechti explains with a smile: “The only problem we have encountered with test customers is that they didn’t want to give us the equipment back!” Mr Boillat, also from the techno-commercial department, adds: “Some customers were sceptical as they had already considered a number of alternative solutions. But a simple demonstration was enough to convince them”.

The advantages of Mowidec-TT

  • Simple to implement
  • Does not require removal of the guide bush
  • Centring without removal of tools (saving time and increasing accuracy)
  • Quick to use
  • Precision to the nearest micron in just a few minutes
  • Ensures centring is regular and uniform regardless of the operator
  • Universal system using a set of rings

Thanks to Mowidec-TT, centring spindles will once again become a standard operation when changing setups and settings.

A video will soon be available on YouTube… I’ll post the link as soon as available.

Are you going to keep on centring your spindles the hard way?

Wibemo SA
Rue Montchemin 12
2832 Rebeuvelier
Tel. 032 436 10 50
Fax. 032 436 10 55
[email protected]

Micronarc Alpine Meeting (mAm 2012) – Equipment for Microproducts. 3rd Edition.

Following in the success of the first two editions, The Micronarc Alpine Meeting 2012 will continue its focus on equipment for manufacturing microproducts. From  January 22 to 25, 2012, Villars-sur-Ollon.

This 2.5 day conference intends to stimulate networking and discussions in the casual atmosphere of Villars, a charming village and ski resort located at 1250 meters of altitude. A selection of invited speakers and presentations will comprise the program. A small, table-top exhibition will be conducted in parallel for those wishing to promote their company and products.

The conference will take place on a Monday and Tuesday, thus permitting participants that wish to arrive early to take advantage of the proximity to the ski lifts or simply relax for a couple of days in a laid-back alpine setting. A conference dinner on Monday evening at 1800 meters of altitude will add a touch of local charm.
A limited number of participants will be able to attend the event. Don’t miss it!

3 reasons why you should not miss mAm 2012

  1. Excellent speakers and program
  2. Single track format
  3. Ideal conference size for quality networking
  4. Superb venue (bonus reason !)

In order to benefit from a reduced price, you should register on or before January 13, 2012.
Please go here for more information and to register

mAm 2012 – Table-top Exhibition
A limited table-top exhibition will run in parallel to the conference for companies and organisations that wish to promote at mAm 2012. More details can be seen here.
Space is limited to 10 tables and requests will be treated on a first-come, first-served basis.


System 3R and Robotec automatise Chinese production of molds

It is a false idea still too widespread we must fight: the Chinese industry would be underequipped and would work with obsolete techniques. On the contrary, companies of the most populated country in the world invest in the latest and the most automatised technologies.

Robotec, the Switzerland based company, is the first integrator in Switzerland for Fanuc polyarticulated robots range, as well as for the 6 axes Fanuc Delta robots. Let’s see a few of its projects: Installed in 2008 in a mould factory in the South of Beijing, the first installation is a flexible production line of heavy moulds. It shows 3 + 4 Hermle three axes machining centers, powered by a Fanuc M9000 polyarticulated robot. One to two professionals, according to the working posts, feed the flexible cell for a 24/7 work.

Other flexible systems are following…
Building on the success of this first installation, System 3R has renewed its confidence in Robotec to integrate robotization into two flexible lines in another Chinese mould factory for the production of molds in smaller sizes. “Thanks to the confidence of our partners, Robotec demonstrates its ability to design, develop, install, train and guarantee the after sales services of its facilities anywhere in the world,” says Dominique Lalut, sales manager with Robotec. Beyond the impressive technical capabilities of the Integrator, the attentive reader may draw other lessons from this story.

Production automation becomes a universal rule
First, such investments demonstrate the will of Chinese companies to invest at a level at least equal, or even higher than the one of European manufacturers. The exchange rate with Swiss Franc does not hamper them to invest in the best technologies, with the most competent professionals. Second, these facilities show that manufacturing of moulds unit can and should be automated with robotization. Finally, if Chinese manufacturers do not hesitate to invest heavily in an automated process to ensure the quality and the price of their production, the French and European companies must innovate dramatically in their own way of producing if they want to retain their own markets. Today, the low-cost word covers a complete other meaning, because low prices of products are no longer based on low social costs, but on a perennial technology investment. Nevertheless the European industry can and should still mark its difference. Why not by taking advantage of the experience of integrators such as Robotec?

We will go into further details of this story in Eurotec’s next issue.

Robotec Solutions AG
Seetalstrasse 2
CH-5703 Séon
Tél.+41 62 775 90 00
Fax +41 62 775 90 01

To provide even more specialization

Conceptools, the Swiss company located in Le Locle, announces the creation of a new company on January first 2012: Innotols. Its goal covers design, implementation, manufacture and sale of tungsten carbide (MD), high speed steel (HSS) and cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tool. Conceptools focuses on polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and natural diamond (MCD) tools.

The companies’ flags show clear filiation. This will allow Innotools to benefit from the reputation of quality and serious earned by Conceptools; but the two companies can focus on their core businesses.

“One of our strengths is to offer tools that meet very finely the needs of our customers, we offer answers for quantities of niches” says Mr. Millet the director. And who says niche, means specialization and it is the reason for the new entity. The Director adds: “With Conceptools and Innotools, we will allow each specialist to remain focused on its activity”.

What will change for customers?
First, the only visible change for customers will be separated billings for the two companies, but the offers of the two structures will continue to expand and differentiate.
Apart from the creation of this new entity, the company unveils more than 30 new products just for the 2012 catalog. Mr. Millet says: “It is an important investment for Conceptools, both in terms of means and efforts, but it is worth, we will be able to serve our customers even more effectively”.

A few novelties for 2012

  • With its birth, Innotools unveils a range of carbide end mills with maximum diameters passing from Ø3 to Ø12 mm with several cutting lengths!
  • In the dental field, the company also presents a significantly broader range dedicated to prosthetists.

With regard to natural diamond, Conceptools

  • has also greatly expanded its range of end mills and microend mills available from stock. A first in Switzerland!
  • A new range of standard and disposable PCD inserts is unveiled.
  • A new range of PCD millers: “Eco” is proposed at very aggressive prices.

We will come back on Conceptools and Innotools novelties soon.

Conceptools SA
Rue du Temple 18
CH-2400 Le Locle
Tel + 41 (0) 32 933 97 33
Fax + 41 (0) 32 933 97 34
[email protected]

Temple 18 Street
CH-2400 Le Locle
Tel + 41 (0) 32 933 97 33
Fax + 41 (0) 32 933 97 34
[email protected]