Save 35% on the cost of the part

Mikron offers transfer machines with remarkable capabilities. In the example below, a German company producing components of turbochargers for the automotive industry with 2 machining centers (4-spindle) and 2 turning centers faced a strong demand and had to increase its productivity to remain competitive with its Asian competitors. It also had to be flexible enough to manage the production of 5 different parts in variable batches.

The choice of the Mikron transfer machines not only allowed the company to optimize its workflow but also the floor space’s requirement.

Innovative production
“Its machining centres allowed our customer to achieve a good position in the market, but the pressure of competition has continued on executives” explains Boris Sciaroni, (Mikron marketing). “Therefore our customer first added a transfer machine, i.e. a Mikron Multistep XT-200 to the production line and, after a few months of production, when he understood the potential savings still to be realised, he purchased a second Multistep XT-200 machine, abandoning completely the old production facility. Doing so he obtained a 35% reduction of the cost of the part due to:

  • a reduction of staff (moved to other activities)
  • an economy of floor space
  • better logistics and
  • unexpectedly by reducing the costs of re-equipment of the machine that allowed him to significantly reduce the minimum volumes of order “.

Today this client of Mikron relies on 8 Multistep XT-200.

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