Quick geometry control of machine tools

Because of stricter requirements of precision, the manufacturers and users of machine tools need to be able to measure the linear axes quickly and in a reliable way. This is why Kunz precision AG presents a new unique system of measure to control all geometric deviations of a linear axis in a single operation at Control 2012. It sets new standards in terms of speed, reliability and ease of use.

RAIL-check measurement system consists of a standard of straightness of high-precision, a measurement head with five integrated sensors as well as an interface and easy to use assessment software.

When measuring, the head indicates the data compared to the standard and the measured values are recorded. The straightness is stored with extreme precision in both directions and entered into a synthetic report; so for deviation in terms of roll, pitch and yaw. The operation takes about 15 minutes per axis. Thus, the control of a machine tool with three linear axes requires less than an hour.
Thanks to an integrated module (option), it is possible to determine and edit the values of compensation of several controls of machines.

With the new RAIL-check measuring system, the manufacturer of machines, its customer services and the user have precise data regarding the straightness and deviations on different axes in a very short time. From the precise protocol of the machine and the edition of compensation data, users earn a significant advantage on competition in terms of accuracy of the machine, quality insurance and traceability.

Kunz precision AG, represented in Germany by messwelk GmbH, presents the new measuring system live on the Control 2012 show (hall 1/booth 1050).

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