The integrated chip conveyor …

When talking about machining, we often estimate that producing chips is paramount, but the evacuation out of the machines and treatment of chips remain operations for which little professionals are available. At the Siams, Rimann SA, the chip processing specialist will present Novaxess universal conveyors.

I discussed with MM Eichler (Rimann) and Fouillot (Novaxess) at Simodec… the solutions I discovered are great.

Customised and…
Novaxess products approximately 300 conveyors per year. Mr. Stéphane Fouillot its director  says: “We have more than 20 years  of experience in the realization of chips conveyors. For high precision turning we offer mainly 2 models: the automatic motorized system and the economic one on which the advance is realised manually”. These conveyors are designed to be universal. Indeed, the part that is situated out of the machine is the same regardless of the type of machine on which it is adapted. Mr. Fouillot says: “We go to our customers to measure dimensions and ensure a perfect adaptation”. The bases being the same, it is even possible to start with an economic conveyor and upgrade it to the automatic version later. Another advantage, the delivery time is on the order of on month.

…modular conveyor
According to the requirements of machining, the volume of chips and the viscosity of the oil, a conveyor is indispensable, but sometimes it is necessary to have a more complete solution. Mr. Fouillot explains: “Our conveyors are adapted to the different requirements, if the customer wants a more complete solution, for example with additional filters (hydrostatic or magnetic), a high pressure group or a cooling station, the adaptation is quick and easy with add-ons”.

A “users oriented” conveyor…
The manipulations are simple for users, for example installation with wheels or the evacuation of chips with adjustable delay. It is on “details” that we know the conveyor will be very much appreciated in the workshops.
Mr. Fouillot says: “We have worked with users, for this reason, our conveyor systems include a support for the parts basket, it is very simple and much appreciated”. Another aspect that will simplify the lives of users: the filter can be installed in a draining position, this even if another filter is in working position.

… with clever uses
“Ideally the machines should be dedicated according to the types of material, for example in the watchmaking field, passing from “steel” to “gold”. On a same machine, cleaning takes time and if the chips are mixed, it is an immediate net loss for customers.” With Novaxess conveyors we offer an answer to this problem: the customer machines its steel parts with its standard Novaxess conveyor. Once it has finished, he rinses the machine and moves all the chips into the conveyor. Then he can simply remove the conveyor (on wheels), drag to its place the Novaxess “gold special” conveyor (with a special color for example) and he can immediately work without any risk of mixed chips and thus losing the precious metal” explains M. Eichler. The return of investment for an additional conveyor is quickly done.

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I will come back on Rimann and Novaxess very soon..