Pigging technology in operation

As is the case with a talented chef who intends to create a delicious menu, he will need, depending on the number of courses and size of the group, quite a lot of pots, pans, bain marie pans, serving plates, etc. Similarly, when it comes to the production of over 2500 different Motorex products more or less the same principle applies. With the increased number of storage tanks and the introduction of the most recent generation of pigging technology, Motorex is again expanding its innovative infrastructure.

The storage tanks are of central importance in this process. It supplies the mixer with the required raw materials. Depending on the recipe, semi-finished goods are produced which in turn are stored temporarily in a tank and then finished goods are produced afterwards. Even finished products that after production cannot be immediately filled into containers in the large and small bottling department must be temporarily stored in tanks for short periods.

Increasing flexibility
With 8000 m3, Motorex has the largest basic oil stock in Switzerland. Moreover, additives, semi-finished products and finished products are stored separately in tanks according to type families. Ten additional 1, 2 and 4-chamber tanks that offer an additional storage volume of 500 m3 for 28 different products have now been added. These structural measures have steadily increased the flexibility in production and increase the benefit to the customer of an already high delivery capacity.

Pigging system also helps to save
Upstream and downstream of production, there are soon a few hundred litres of medium in the lines and fittings between the tanks, bottling plant and mixer. So that these lines can be completely cleaned for the next production batch without residues remaining, many of the plants must carry out rinsing processes. These processes are time-intensive and cause waste and quickly incur high costs. During the “pigging process”, the contents of the pipelines is forced out using a fitting body made of flexible special plastic (pig) and a propellant, primarily compressed air or in rare cases even nitrogen in order to reduce the risk of explosion. This procedure increases production capacities by quickly cleaning the piping systems without leaving residue and means laborious rinsing processes are not necessary.

With the extension of the storage tanks, Motorex has shown again through the expanded, highly innovative production location at Langenthal that the idea of quality has been consistently implemented since its first production step and has therefore created the ideal conditions for unimpeded further growth.

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We will enter into deeper details of this new motorex capability in our next issue.