Small and powerful: Micromachining as the ultimate test

Miniature tools need to be highly precise and reliable. This is because they have to cope with demanding materials and, what’s more, do this with small tool diameters and tolerances in the μm range. Zecha Hartmetall- Werkzeugfabrikation GmbH in Königsbach-Stein has developed a tool range for such applications that is perfectly tailored to the demands of micromachining.

The manufacture of miniature parts and components requires the observance of extremely low tolerances and thus the assurance of the highest possible precision. That increases the challenges for the quality of the tools used enormously – not least when it is all about economic and precise micromachining of titanium alloys and stainless steels offers maximum stability during roughing operations.

With the highest precision and the best life cycles
The tools in the Series 472 come with a long or short flute. They have been conceived as double cutters with spiralled swarf chambers and are intended for the series manufacture of small components with optimum tooth feeds. The long version also guarantees the highest surface qualities and clean finish. Cutters in the Series 473 have been configured as triple cutters with spiralled chambers and short or long flute – just the right performance to work swiftly and powerfully at medium speed rates.

Minimum radii, maximum precision
Micromachining follows its own laws that can be fulfilled only with the know-how of experts. Ultra-fine ground geometries, systematic high-class quality and the longest possible life cycles are the recipe with which Zecha provides its customers with the key advantage in the minimum tolerance machining.

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