Innovations for greater productivity and resource efficiency

This year’s Chiron Open House will take place from Wednesday, April 25 to Friday, April 27, 2012, in Tuttlingen. With live machining demonstrations, the company will show a series of innovations for more productivity, shorter throughput times and greater resource efficiency.

For the FZ 12 MT, simultaneous turning and milling is possible. That means halved throughput times and therefore doubled productivity.

The new machines are the FZ 08 MT and the FZ 12 MT, which feature an integrated tool revolver for simultaneous turning and milling, and the compact double-spindle DZ 08 W Magnum. For heavy cutting, Chiron is presenting the new, fundamentally redesigned series of 18 powerful machining centers and the large BIG MILL models with swivel heads. Efficient turnkey and automation solutions, numerous technical lectures and information stands from renowned partner companies round off the trade meeting.

Innovations concerning simultaneous turning and milling
Using the precision machining centers FZ 08 MT and FZ 12 MT, Chiron will show that the throughput time can be halved and productivity doubled by simultaneous turning and milling in one machine.

Two spindles: doubled productivity
The double-spindle DZ 08 W Magnum for double the productivity can be seen for the first time at the Open House. Thanks to chip-to-chip times of 1.9 seconds and spindle speeds of 40,000 RPM, it is very fast. At the same time, the two spindles allow energy savings of more than 40 percent.

More efficiency by multi-spindle machines
Using further examples of two and four-spindle machining centers, Chiron will also show at the Open House which savings in time, energy, space and personnel – and therefore costs – can be realized with multi-spindle machining centers.

Big Mill with swivel head
Big Mill, Chiron’s series for volume cutting, will be shown at the Open House with NC swivel head. The NC swivel head as fourth axis, which can be changed by ±110°, has up to 1000 Nm spindle torque, as does the rigid head machine.

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To be seen from April 25 to 27 in Tuttlingen.